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父母의 訓育態度 및 方法과 兒童의 社會的 特性에 관한 一硏究

父母의 訓育態度 및 方法과 兒童의 社會的 特性에 관한 一硏究
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Parent's Disciplinary Attitudes and Techniques for Children
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대학원 교육학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
In this study, parent-child relationships was attached as being important to dicipline. parents disciplinary attitudes and techniques are supposed to be one of the most influential factors in the personality development of children. The main point of the study was concentrated on children's maladjusted social personalities such as; feeling of insecurity, sadistic behavior, submissiveness, and nervousness. The hypothesis in this study was taken from Symond's and, Fritz-Simon's study. "It parents attitudes and techniques for child rearing are to be over protective or over rejected, the child becomes maladjusted." The method in this research was the questionaire method. The questionaire items were about parents disciplinary attitudes and techniques. There were 34 items for parents in the questionaire and 36 items for teachers. It was delivered to 188 parents, 94 were maladjusted children's parents, and 94 kindergarten children selected by teachers. The results of this study are as fallows ; The relationship of parents disciplinary attitudes and techniques for the maladjusted children's personalities came out as C.R. ( Critical Ratio ) = 1. 13. This is to say, there is no relationship between parent's disciplinary attitudes and the child's personality through 2d semasters of kindergarten. Other results found in the study are as fallows, parent's disciplinary attitudes and techniques came out as acceptable for the kindergarten children. The most effective discipline techniques were to encourage a child through explaining reasons for unacceptable conduct, to understand him, to punish or to threaten him with a certain authority.
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