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Stendhal 작품에 나타난 사랑의 형태

Stendhal 작품에 나타난 사랑의 형태
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Quelques considerations sur le type d'amours a travers les oeuvres de Stendhal
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대학원 불어불문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Kim, In Hwan
This thesis deals with the forms of love which appear In the novels Armance, Lucien Leuwen, La Chartreuse deParme, Lamiel and le Rouge et le Noir by Stendhal. for Stendhal, love is crested and transformed. through a process of growth and education, The influence of such thinkers as Jean Jacques Rousseau is evident. Twee types of love appear in Stendhal's novels and are discussed in ·this thesis: emotional Love (generated by"heart") and national love (generated by·"head"). The former is the true and simple Love which occurs naturally. The latter arises out of strife between the heart and head as the will acts on naturally occurring love. This thesis is divided into taree parts, plus a conclu sion. In the first part, emotional love a sit a appears in Armance, Lucien Leuwen end La Chartreuse de parme is analyzed and examined. Many facets Of basically the same Kind of love may by discovered in hhese novels. In the second considered. Le Rouge et le Noir, in which love generated by heart and love generated by reason coexist, is investigated in the third part. The process by which Julien, the hero, finds happiness through emotional love is explored. In the conclusion, the three parts are synthesized. The loves and actions of the heroes in the five work are examined and compared.
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