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구한말 민권운동에 대한 일연구

구한말 민권운동에 대한 일연구
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교육대학원 역사교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
This study is dealt with the deelopment and the changing process of modern civic right as its subject which were seen at the end of the Lee Dynasty(1896 - 1910). For it was believed to be a necessary task for understanding the structure of the society and the spirit in this age. From the careful investigation of the above points, the following facts are confirmed as below. The Revolution of 1884's (Kabsin Zungyun) and The Revolution of 1894's (Tonghak Revolution) after ten years, were made the starting points of the modern civic rights, which were once frustrated by the invasion of the external powers, and which were reawakened by the poineers who returned home from abroad. The possibility of enlargement of civic rights was reinforced all the more for the participation of common citizens in the policy, especially through Independence Club of that time. Besides the club, the movement of the civic rights was actively developed in the terms of speech, press, assembly, education and religion Even after the club was dismissed by the government, the movement was carried on under the slogan of ""People's enlightenment."" But the actibities of the club for the modern civic rights, seems to have met with many unfavorable obstacles such as feeling of distance between sicizens and pioneers who firmly believed in the rights at the time, unfavorable conditions of the society in which they were willing to accept the right, not to mention the pereccutions and incooperation of uncivilised but important officials of the government. Furthermore, our civic right movements were not activated by the Japanese invasion, which is regarded as one of the greatest factors which put severe barriers to them. For common civilians' attention had th be chiefly concentrated on the matter of anti-Japan rather than on enhancement of the right within, in order to protect the country from the crisis. For the reason, anti-Japan movenment was carried on during the cruel and severs colonization policy, naturally with the result of the negligience of the right. Admitting that minor civic right movements were carried on then, the effect of the movements was not so important for the desire and ambiton of their beginning in them.
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