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學校에서의 硏究의 實態와 行政的支援 方案

學校에서의 硏究의 實態와 行政的支援 方案
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Ⅰ. Purpose The purpose of this study is to analyze the activities of research in the elementary and secondary schools of Seoul City Board of Education in order to observe the merits and demerits of the research and demonstration schools and provide administrative recommendations. The details of purpose are : 1. to study the theoratical background for the action research, 2. to observe the policies for and the present situation of the research and demonstration schools, 3. to clear out various problems for improvement upon analysis of the opinions for the research and demonstration schools, 4. to analyze research theses and reports from the elementary and secondary schools in order to provide their adequacy. Ⅱ. Method of Study The methods of documentary analysis, questionnaire, and interviews were employed in this study. The sampling covered one hundred and eighty elementary school teachers, two hundred secondary school teachers, and forty-five supervisors and research workers under the Ministry of Education and Seoul City Board of Education, making a total of 425 faculty members. Ⅲ. Problems raised for the Study In order to carry out this study, following points have been focussed : 1. The problems in policy-making, operation, financing, directions, rewards and generalization of research activities in the elementary and secondary schools. 2. The necessity of one-teacher-one-thesis research, the expected results, and the detrimental factors. 3. Adequacy of report and of the selection of individual research thesis, and accompanied problems. Ⅳ. Findings of Study 1. Analysis of the action research : a. The overall outcome of research activities in the research and demonstration schools is negligible due to shortage of funds, inadequacy of leadership, and lack of willingness resulted from excessive work load by the participating teachers. b. In the case of elementary schools, the teachers desire support from well experienced instructors and unbiased judgment on their studies by an independant evaluation organization to be installed under the Ministry of Education. c. Research funds must be financed under scientific basis according to the research thesis and its nature, and rewards to the research teachers must be positive enough to induce teachers for more participation in research activities. d. The administrative action should be supported to adopt the results of studies in practices. e. One-teacher-one-thesis study must be carried out spontaneously under the sufficient funds, less work load by the teachers, and also the leading evaluation system must be met for its effective management. 2. Result of Analysis of the Report and Thesis a. Most-studied areas are learning, curriculum activity and guidance for the research purpose. b. The most common means of studies were the Emperical Type Action Research, and in collection of materials, question?naire was used primarily. In analysis of opinion and observation of the research, percentile was mostly used. c. General system of report in elementary schools was substandard in expression, application of statistics, and in collection of materials. d. Most research subjects for one-teacher-one-thesis were lack of details and of feasibility for research. Ⅴ. Recommendations The following recommendations deemed necessary for improvement in attaining effective results of action research in practices. 1. The merit system to induce teachers for more participation in the action research be established, in order that one of the most important facto th.e willingness of the teachers, may be instigated. The details of recommendations are : a. to promote the research teachers to a higher position, b. to have them acquire a superior qualification, c. to give them a base-up for the financial rewards. 2. A specialized appraisal committee organized by the Ministry of Education, Boards of Education, and teacher's association be established in order to evaluate effective results of the research and have more teachers participate in the research. 3. The administrative measures be taken for setting up organization of the experienced research teachers with whom the teachers participating in the action research can be consulted. 4. A guidance committee composed of experienced teachers, educational research workers, and professors be organized for more effective guidance of the action researches. 5. Educational and technical consultation by the supervisors be made as much as poseible in order to attain general application of the results in practice. 6. The present research teachers system be strengthened for the self-controlled spontaneous research. 7. Curriculum on the educational research be strengthened at the time of retraining the teachers, so that the action research may be fully carried out to attain the original goal set up for each study. 8. For the solution of shortage of funds which is one of the detrimental factors to the action research, the following suggestions be accepted : a. The necessity of policy-making for appropriation of larger scale budget for the research funds. b. Allocation of sufficient research funds without increase in the research and demonstration schools for more effective results of the action research. c. Establishment of an educational research committee organized by professors, the specialized research workers under the Ministry of Education, and a reasonable allocation in accordance with the research thesis and the nature by the committee.
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