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韓國新聞 寫眞報道에 關한 硏究

韓國新聞 寫眞報道에 關한 硏究
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(A) Study on Press Photography of Korean Newspapers : Especially on the History and Control
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대학원 신문방송학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The purpose of this study is to take a look into the characteristics and restrictions of press photography by taking a historical approach method toward each period and to suggest several reform measures by analyzing the problems that confront today's Korean press photography. This thesis dealt with; a study on the tendencies of photographic report in modern papers and on the social value, a study on how the photography was introduced to this country, on the development of the photography in earlier days and the characteristics of news photography in each period in an effort to describe the general relation between the Korean papers and photography, and an analysis on the control of news photography reporting in Korea and on problems of reporting based on the law, actual reporting cases and through the survey of views on the part of reporters. Fress photography of Korea was first initiated by an advertising column in Daehan Minbo in 1909 and developed to today's reporting status undergoing the quickening era of Maeil Shinbo, the dawning period of such private papers as Dong A and Chosun and a sudden expansion on and around the April 19 revolution days. The successful attempt to visualize the modern newspapers by inserting large-lettered headlines and various use of photograch has created the tendency that today's papers are changing from 'reading paper' to 'viewing paper'. With the smashing success of LIFE magazine, picture papers are increasing in number through out the world. However, photography is still playing a subordinate, minor role in Korean newspapers. In order that the press photography in Korea play a more persuasive role as an independent news item, growing out of its present aspect of illustrated photo, an unlimited support of the government authorities and general public, a profound understanding and encouragement by newspaper managers, editors and the constant efforts of the press photographers to improve their qualification are greatly desired.
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