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제6차 중학교 수학과 교육과정의 분석

제6차 중학교 수학과 교육과정의 분석
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Analysis on The 6th Mathematics Curriculum for middle school education
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교육대학원 수학교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
In June 30, 1992, The Educational Department of Korean government confirmed the middle school curriculums and notified them as educational notice No. 1992-11. By the way, the improvement of mathematics education couldn't be completed through mere curriculum reformation and there still remains many educational problems such as relevant text compilation and teachers' training. Therefore, although the 6th curriculum reformation has brought some improvement in mathematics education, the results are not fully satisfactory at the time being. The mathematics education itself can be said that it is only on the starting line demaning continual researches and reviews. The Purpose of this study is to be a help in a series of efforts for supplementing present curriculums by analyzing comparatively the 6th mathematics curriculum with that of the 5th notification, and ultimately is to be an available base for future mathematics education by collecting proper data on the middle school mathematics for relevant text compilation. As for the assessing tools, two components of curriculum, goal and content, have been analyzed. In analyzing the goal of curriculum the goal of the 6th curriculum has been compared with that of the 5th curriculum to find whether the former is explicit in its expression or not. On the other hand, as for the content, the investigation has been made on the basis of such questions as follows: (1) Are the elements of content properly distributed by grade and area? (2) Is the content of guidance discriminated by the elements of goal and is properly distributed by grade and area ? The 6th mathematics curriculum for middle school education itself is the product of very ambitious educational plan in which something utterly renovational is to happen in modifying this content and goal. The actual modification of content, however, has been ended on the smaller scale than before, and the goal isn't very different from the previous one. The elements of content are distributed among each grade and area with much property. Looking into the distribution of the goal elements in each area. We know that we have been placing great emphasis on the understanding of mathematical, thinking and structure, especially of mathematical object and language. The goal elements in each grade have to be distributed properly adding to this, we have to focus on the increase of application over all the grades on the whole. At this point of time, even if the best curriculum could have certain limits and needs for further improvement. Therefore, when one curriculum reformation is just ended, various researches must be followed to be it from that moment.
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