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교직 및 교사에 대한 학생, 학부모, 교사의 인식 비교연구

교직 및 교사에 대한 학생, 학부모, 교사의 인식 비교연구
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(A) comparative study of the parents', students' and teachers' attitudes concerning the educators and the teaching profession : Focusing on the Sung Nam city area
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교육대학원 교육학전공교육행정분야
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
We are currently residing in a society of infinite competition enforced by internationalization, openess and information trends. The forces of nature were substituted by forces of society such as the dominating military and economic wealth, furthermore the contemporary world is now dominated by knowledge and information. The development and growth of a nation depends solely on the development of knowledge, information and technology, especially the educational system forms the strong basis of international competitiveness and adaptability needed to survive in an ever changing world. If follows that the development of human resources and national growth are ultimately motivated by the educators and the quality of such an education would be decided by the the quality of educators themselves. However, in Korea, the teaching profession has been comparatively neglected as a eareer, begining with the economic growth of the 70's, and educators with valuable abilities have become scarce resources due to the negative trend of shying away from teaching posts especially among the talented work force. Such trends are caused by the attitudes of the educators themselves and the faith & attitude of parents and students concerning teachers and the teaching profession. This study projects to compare the differences in attitude among teachers, parents and students concerning the educators and teaching profession. Furthermore, an analysis of the teachers attitude towards their posts will aid in the establishment of a positive attitude towards the teaching profession and devise incentives to recruit able human resources. The study will provide a basis for achieving quality in education. In order to carry out the study plans and realize the goals the contents of the study were organized as follows : 1. As a theoretical basis, the concepts of the education profession and teachers, the characteristics of the teaching profession and professionalism, role of the teachers and the concept types of attitudes are defined. 2. An analysis of the ideal teacher depicted by the parents, students and teachers was carried out. 3. The parents' and students' attitude towards teachers and the teaching profession. 4. Priorities set by parents students and teachers concerning educational policies in regard to the recruitment of capable teachers. The methods utilized in the study consists of research conducted within Sung Nam City, Kyungi Province, on 450 teachers, 500 second grade students in high school and 500 parents to reach a grand total of 1450 persons in 5 private and 7 public middle and high schools. The results of the study can be summarized as follows : First, the students' ideal teacher was "a teacher who respects the individualism of students and loves them", while parents and educators agreed that "teachers should lead the students in forming their personalities". All three agreed on the teachers role as one who "develops the inhererent capabilities and abilities of the students". It can be concluded that education is slowly turning to the emphasis of human education rath er than the examination and university entrance related education. Therefore, educators are advised to observe students with love and attention in order to help direct realization of inherent capabilities and abilities and self actualization so that students may contribute to society as a lohole. Furthermore, the formation of a positive ege and self concept, maturity and growth as a human being should be directed by teachers in order to induce morality and development of ability. Second, the trend today is that faith and respect are no longer allocated to the teaching profession and that the attitude of the general public towards responsibility on the teachers part is misjudged by the teachers themselves as being positive. Therefore, pride and a stable philosophy as an educator are necessary traits of teachers and their status can only be regained through selfless responsible teaching, exemplary behavior and passion. Third, all three subject groups recognized the teaching occupation as a professional career, however, they were under the impression that the knowledge and skills required for the profession was rather low. This problem can be solved through endless self evaluation and study in professional knowledge and improvement of quality, so that the new educational trend can be initialized by the teachers. In addition, re-educational efforts within the profession need to be supplemented by educational programs, libraries and research facilities, simplification of administrative processes, also it is necessary to provide the proper environment, conditions, opportunities and financial support. Fourth, the student, parent and teachers groups attitudes were similarly inclined in assuming that the economic status of teachers were low. Only the parents and students thought their social status was rather high while teachers self inspection coucluded that even the social status ranked low. Even in this cotemporary society of economic growth and development in every sector, the basis of national deveolopment which is the educational system is actually retrograding. The social and economic status of educators was plumetted so much that recruitment of capable teachers has become, virtually impossible. The resulting problems are obviously a drop in the quality of education and the stagnation of the educational profession. Therefore, reform of educational facilities and environment, improvement of the economic status of teachers, improvement of the economic status of teachers, improvement of the working environment and changes of values are needed to promote high quality education provided by capable teachers and to promote active recruitment of able human resources.
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