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국민학교 시설, 설비에 관한 연구

국민학교 시설, 설비에 관한 연구
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(An) Analytical Study on Facilities of the Elementary school
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교육대학원 교육학전공교육행정분야
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
This study was attempted, firstly to analyze and evaluate the requirement for effective operation of the elementary school curriculum, and secondly to design for the improvement of the elementary school facilities. In order to carry out this study, the author had theoretically investigated, not only for the conceptional classifications of the elementary school, basic requirement of the elementary school facilities, the correlation between the course of the elementary school and the functional operation of the course, and the law and regulation in relation to the elementary school education system, but also for the status of the classroom facilities to provide formal education according to the regular school curriculum and extra curricular activities such as club-activities in the public and private elementary schools by the questionnaire method sampling 113 elementary schools which were located in Seoul area. The results obtained were summarized as follow : The law and regulation concerning with the elementary school facilities were found, not to be adequate for promoting and effective operating of the elementary school of education course. There were many elementary schools which had to divide the session into two parts, one class in the morning session and the other in the afternoon session, because of the shortage of the classroom facilities in the school. Generally it was very low level and not enough to carry out an effective extra-curricular activities, except the activities for natural science in the elementary school. Even though the special classroom had been made and provided in the school, their indoor facilities of the classroom was too poor to use efficiently. Therefor, the club or the special activities of the students were limitted in a certain narrow fields, due to the shortage of the facilities. In order to supplement and imporve many unsatisfying conditions of the elementary school facilities as mentioned and pointed out above, the author emphasize to reform the law and regulation concerning with the elementary school facilities according to the adequate level to each student unit. Not only for formal classroom but also for special classroom the facilities of the school should be provided adequately, after calculating it's need. As same level as other modernized office building facilities, the indoor facilities of the student classroom must be made to satisfy to have modern education in quantitative and qualitative level. The present situation of the elementary school is in a state that, not only the field of student's club activities should be expanded according to student's need but also the facilities of the school must be expanded and supplemented to be able to support student club activities. As a relevant subject for further study and modification to improve the facilities of the school, it should be considered that, first, the research and study on how to designing the facilities of the classroom for formal education and special subject matter in order to be adequate for variable study groups, contents of learning, instruction method, and the use of teaching materials. Second, in cope with the reduction trend of the classroom size due to the reduction in number of the students, it should be considered and paid attention how to designing the classroom for special purpose, which can alternatively be used for the purpose of formal education class if necessary.;본 연구는 국민학교 시설·설비의 현화을 파악하고 그 문제점을 해결하기 위한 개선방안을 모색하고자 시도되었다. 이와같은 목적을 위하여 학교시설에 관한 개념과 분류, 교육과정운영과의 관계 등을 이론적으로 고찰하였고, 교육관계법령의 내용 및 그 기준을 검토해 보았으며, 동시에 서울시내 공·사립국민학교의 보통교실과 특별교실의 확보상황 및 그 내부시설과, 특별활동을 위한 시설상황을 알아보기 위하여 113개교를 대상으로 설문조사방법을 이용하였다. 본 연구의 결과 학교시설에 관한 법규정이 효율적인 교육과정운영을 하기에는 미흡하였으며, 보통교실이 부족하여 2부제수업 학급을 운영하는 학교가 많았다. 그리고 과학실을 제외한 특별교실의 확보율이 매우 저조하였으며, 그 내부시설 또한 미비하여 확보된 특별교실도 제대로 활용되지 못하고 있었다. 특별활동도 학교시설·설비의 부족으로 많은 제약을 받고 있었으며 활동분야도 매우 협소하였다. 따라서 학교시설에 관한 법규정을 학생 1인당 확보기준으로 개정할 필요가 있으며, 보통교실은 물론 특별교실수도 필요량을 산정하여 이에 맞게 확보하고 그 내부시설도 현대교육의 요구에 부응할 수 있도록 양적·질적인 면에서 충족되어야 함은 물론, 여타의 시설물과 같이 현대화 해야 할 시점에 서 있다. 그리고 특별활동 범위도 학생의 요구에 따라 확대하고 활성화하기 위하여 이에 필요한 시설·설비를 확충해야 할 단계이다. 앞으로 더욱 보완하여 연구해야 할_과제로는 보통교실과 특별교실을 다양한 학습집단과 학습내용, 교수방법, 학습자료의 활용 등에 적합하도록 설계에 대한 연구가 있어야겠고 학교규모의 축소화에 대비하여 보통교실을 점한 특별교실의 설계에도 관심을 가져야 할 것으로 본다.
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