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자주꿩의 다리 괴근의 성분 및 세포독성

자주꿩의 다리 괴근의 성분 및 세포독성
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대학원 약학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Thalictrum uchiyamai (Ranunculaceae) is a specific perennial herb indigenous to Korea, of which tuber has been used in Asian folk medicine as an antiphlogistic, antibacterial, etc., and for the treatment of stomach cancer. Recently from nonphenolic tertiary alkaloid containing fraction of the tubers of T. uchiyamai and via repeated preparative and column chromatography the new benzylisoquinoline-isoquinoline dimeric alkaloid(Compound I) was isolated. It was elucidated to be N-methyl-5,6,7-trimethoxy-1-(p-methoxybenzy1)-8(7 (N -methyl)tetrahydroisoquinolyl-oxy)benzyltetr ahydroisoquinoline by chemical and spectral evidence and named uchiyamaine. The cytotoxic activity of the three alkaloidal fractions(ether, chloroform, aqueous) was also tested using MTT assay. The cytotoxic activities against MKN_45(human gastric adenocarcinoma). PC_14(human pulmonary carcinoma), Colon 205(human colon carcinoma) were found as follows; 1. Aqueous fraction showed the significant activity against the above 3 cell lines at the dose of 100ug/ml and 10ug/ml. 2. Ether fraction showed the activity against the above 3 cell lines only at the dose of 100ug/ml. 3. Chloroform fraction did not show the activity against MKN_45 cells, while showed the strongest activity against PC_14 among aqueous, ether, and chloroform fraction. Also, this fraction showed the activity against colon205 cells only at the dose of 100ug/ml. The bioassay result indicated that quarternary alkaloids might be responsible for the cytotoxic activity rather than tertiary alkaloids, which are only reproted cytotoxic constituents of Thalictrum species. Also, this result indicated that several cell lines might be necessary to study the antitumor activities from natural resources, because three fractions showed different cytotoxic activity against each cell lines.
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