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李德懋의 敎育論과 現代道德敎育

李德懋의 敎育論과 現代道德敎育
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Duckmoo Lee's Educational Theory and Modern Moral Education
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대학원 교육학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
各 民族은 고유한 歷史와 文化를 가지고 있으며 이것을 바탕으로 傳流이라는 精神的 遺産이 繼承되어 왔다. 물론 우리나라도 긴 歷史의 흐름 속에서 대대로 이어 받은 傳統을 가지고 있다. 그러므로 우리나라에 관하여 硏究하려는 모든 學問分野에서는 이러한 傳統의 理解가 必要하다. 많은 學者들은 學問的으로 傳統을 理解하기 위한 手段으로서 흔히 古典을 硏究하여 왔다. 敎育學에서도 같은 現象을 보이고 있다. 이러한 추이에 따라 우리나라의 敎育古典 中에서 李德懋의 「士小節」을 擇하였다. 「士小節」의 分析考察을 통하여 本論文에서는 첫째, 「士小節」의 內容이 道德敎育에 관한 것임을 밝히고 둘째, 우리나라 敎育古典으로서의 「士小節」의 價値를 再認識하여 세째, 우리나라 道德敎育의 本質把握과 아울러 現代道德敎育現場에서 「士小節」의 利用可能性을 硏究해 보고자 하였다. 이와같은 硏究의 目的에 따라 「士小節」에서 李德懋의 敎育觀 및 敎育方法論을 考察하고, 그것을 西洋古典 및 現代의 敎育觀·敎育方法論과 연관시켜 보았다. 그리고 「士小節」의 진술문을 禮節生活·個人生活·社會生活의 3領域에서 現代 道德料 敎育內容의 德目에 비추어 分類하였다. 以上의 硏究에서 本論文은 다음과 같은 結論을 얻을 수 있었다. 첫째, 李德懋의 敎育觀에서는 공통적으로 人格의 陶治 卽 道德敎育을 目標로 삼았다. 둘째, 당시의 폐쇄적인 社會에서 李德懋는 西洋古典의 敎育觀 및 敎育方法論과 대비되는 훌륭한 近代志向的 敎育論을 提示하였다. 특히 敎育方法論의 5原理는 現代에도 主要 敎授理論으로 일컬어지고 있다. 세째, 「士小節」의 진술문은 現代에 적합하지 않은 것도 있었지만, 그 本資的인 善意志 自體는 現代에도, 道德敎育의 바탕이 되는 것이다. 또한 現代道德敎育現場에서는 「士小節」 중에서 現代에 적합한 진술문들의 問題事態를 利用할 수 있을 것이다.;The race of a nation developed its own peculiar patterns of history and culture and based on them a spiritual legacy in the form of traditions has come down to them. Korea has, of course, the traditions being handed down from generation to generation built over a longer period of historical pro cesses. This fact stresses the need for the scholars who wish to study the various areas of disciplines on Korea to grasp the truth of them. In frequent cases the classics has been singled out by most of scholars as a means to understand them. Tho same case can be said of pedagogy. This thesis selected Duckmoo Lees "Sasojeul" as a major topic from among the educational classics of Korea in an effort to keep abreast with such a propensity. Through the analyses of the Sasojeul in this study. (1) it is made clear that it relates to the aspects of moral education, (2) its value is being reappreciated as an educational : classics for the country and (3) a trial is made to see that its applications to the modern moral education would be feasible in connection with the essential understanding of its contributions to the educational system. To meet the objectives of the study, two factors essential in Duckmoo Lee's educational concepts and methods as contained in the Sasojeul are observed and comparisons are made between them and the occidental classics and the concepts and methods of the modern education. In addition, greater emphases are given to the quotations and sort-out of the sentences in the Sasojeul that are deeply involved with the three elements of decorums, individual life and social conducts in light of the content items of modern moral education. This thesis concludes : First, the character formation, that is, the moral education was the supreme goal that was most important in Duckmoo Lee's educational concepts; Second, Lee proposed an excellent theory and methods of education that was not inferior to the educational standard of Western countries, based on the more modernity-oriented thoughts against the background of closed, feudal milieu of society that prevailed in his times. In particular, the five principles of his educational methods are playing a viable role in the modern times as an important theory of education; and third, although some parts of the sentences in the Sasojeul were incompatible with those of the current era, the well-intended essential contents themselves become the basis for the miodern moral education. And the modern moral education will be able to take advantage of the Sasojeul sentences that are relevant to the modern applications in making analysis of the problem situations and finding their solutions.
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