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幼稚園敎師養成敎育에 關한 硏究

幼稚園敎師養成敎育에 關한 硏究
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(A) Study for the Pre-Service Education of Kindergarten's Teacher : Especially in the United States of Americal, Japan, and England
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대학원 교육학과
유치원교사양성교육Kindergarten's Teacher
이화여자대학교 대학원
In the present-day tendencies of growing emphasis on the importance of early childhood education and on the incorporation of it into public educational system, it can be seen the most serious problems to be settled is the professional qualifications of kindergartens teacher. Therefore, it is the purpose of this thesis to examine theoretical foundations for the specialization of kindergarten's teacher and ultimately, to provide desirable directions for pre-school teacher's education in Korea, through comparative study of United States England and Japan. To meet these objectives of the study, in introductory part the professional qualifications of teacher and several factors essential in teacher's educational programs are observed. In the main part, two issues are involved. First, practical teacher's educational programs in United States, England, and Japan, are studied, divided into 3 elements, namely National Characters, Teacher's Educational Institutions, and curriculum. Second, comparisons of teacher's education between Korea and 3 countries are made in connection with the important problems in Korea. In conclusion, several facts which can be compatable with our situations are divided. And teacher's education in Korea will be able to take advantage of these characteristics of each country. 1. Teacher Requirement 1) In United States of Amerka and England, as the speciality of kindergarten(or pre-school) teacher is highly recognized only university(or college) graduate can obtain the qualifications for kindergarten teacher. 2) In Japan, kindergarten teacher's qualifications are divided strictly into three grades, Assistant Teacher, Second Grade Teacher, First Grade Teacher according to school years and credits acquired. 2. Teacher's Educational Institutions 1) In United States, the 4-year course of study is principally given. 2) In England, the 3-year course and the 4-year course run at the same time. 3) In Japan, the curse consists mainly of 2 years. But in recent years, there is tendency toward the 4-year course. 3. Curriculum(Common tendencies of a 3 countries) 1) Much efforts are made to integrate theory and practiceof teacher's education curriculum. 2) Department major is set up in close connection with childhood education. 3) The ratio of practical training is high. And under various circumstances, there are a lot of opportunities to contact with children. 4) The ratio of study for efficient teaching method related to childhood educational programs is high. 5) It is aimed to consider the characteristics and capabilities of individual student in organizing curriculum.;本 硏究는 幼兒敎育의 重要性과 幼稚園의 公敎育化 趨勢에 비추어 볼 때, 가장 重大하고 時急한 問題는 敎師의 專門的 資質이라고 보고, 幼稚園 敎師職의 專門性에 對한 理論的 考察과, 美國·日本·英國의 敎師養成敎育에 關한 硏究를 通해, 敎師養成敎育의 기초 자료를 얻고자 한다. 이를 爲해, 理論的 背景에서 敎師의 專門的 役割과 資質을 糾明하였으며, 또한 資質을 키워주는 敎師敎育 프로그램의 目的, 目標, 敎育科程에 對해 考察해 보았다. 그리고 本論에서는 美國·日本·英國의 敎師養成敎育에 對해 制度的特性, 敎師敎育機關, 敎育課程으로 나누어 다루었는데 特히 敎育課程을 重點的으로 取扱하였다. 그 結果 세 나라의 敎師養成敎育의 特性으로 볼 수 있는 것은 다음과 같은데, 이는 곧 우리나라 敎師 養成敎育에 주는 示唆點이라고도 할 수 있겠다. 1. 敎師資格 1) 美國과 英國은 幼稚園 敎師의 專門性을 높이 認定하고 있으며, 原則的으로 敎師資格은 大學卒業者에게 授與하고 있다. 2) 日本의 敎師 資格은 助敎論, 2級敎論, 1級敎論로 나뉘는데, 이는 授業年限과 이에 따른 學點取得으로 嚴格히 區別된 것이며, 또한 現在 助敎論制에 對해서는 廢止가 主張되고 있다. 2. 敎師敎育機關 1) 美國은 4年制 大學이 主流이고 英國은 3年과 4年이 竝行되고 있다. 2) 日本은 2年이 主流이나 現在는 4年制로의 轉換趨勢에 있다. 3. 敎師敎育科程(세 나라의 共通的인 傾向) 1) 理論과 實際의 統合에 主力하고 있다. 2) 敎職科目은 兒童敎育과 直接 聯關된 科目이 設定되고 있다. 3) 實習의 比率이 높으며 多樣한 環境下에서 兒童과 接觸할 機會를 많이 賦與하고 있다. 4) 幼兒敎育課程과 聯關된 效率的인 敎授法에 對한 科目比率이 높다. 5) 學生 個個人의 特性과 能力을 考慮한 敎育課程을 指向하고 있다.
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