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사회계통과 아동교육에 관한 연구

사회계통과 아동교육에 관한 연구
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대학원 교육학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
It is my intentiontostudy of the education of children in relation with the social classes. The following points were examined with special attention in my thesi ; 1. Which social class of children to teachers wanted to teach most? 2. Childrens' attitudes toward teachers. 3. Comparison of intelligence, academic achievement, and personality between the children of each social class. 4. Wishes of parents for the future job of their chiolren. The findings of my study can be summarized as follows ; 1. A great majority of teachers wanted to teach the millde class children. A small number of teacher wanted to teach the low class children because of their sympathy for the children. 2. Most teachers were for the non-entrance wxamination system in recruiting middle school pupils, because the low class children could get greater opportunity to enter. 3. The academic achievement and intelligence quotient of low class children were lower than those of middle and upper classes. 4. Accordings to the evaluation of teachers the children of upper class tended to be bright and dynamic, whereas the children of low class tended to be melancholy and static. 5. According to the evaluation of parents the children of upper class tended to like mathematics and arts, whereas the children of low class tended to dislike those two subjets. 6. The higher the social status of parent the stornger aspiration they had for the education of their children. 7. In counseling the parents of higher class tended to raise the problems such as the school achievement, study attitude, and health, of their children, whereas the parents of low class worried about mostly fees, that should be paid to school for the education fo their children. In conclusion, I would like to say that the school system should be devised democratically so that even the poor class children may make social upward mobility through the system.
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