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敎師의 言語形態에 關한 硏究

敎師의 言語形態에 關한 硏究
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대학원 교육학과
梨花女子大學校 大學院
敎授活動에 있어서 敎師의 言語는 兒童行動에 지대한 影響을 미치게 되므로 本 論文에서는 서울지역 유치원교사의 言語形態를 알아보기 爲하여 다음과 같은 問題를 設定하였다. 1. 敎師의 敎育經歷이 言語形態에 영향을 미칠 것인가? 2. 敎師의 學歷水準이 言語形態에 영향을 미칠 것인가? 3. 敎師의 價値觀이 言語形態에 영향을 미칠 것인가? 4. 敎育的 施設 및 環境이 言語形態에 영향을 미칠 것인가? 이 問題를 밝혀보기 위해 本 論文은 크게 두부분으로 구별하였다. 먼저 文獻硏究를 中心으로 敎師의 言語에 영향을 주는 資質 및 役刻, 言語形態에 따른 指導類型 및 分析의 效果를 고찰하였으며 이 理論的 背景에 根據를 두고 서울지역 幼稚園敎師 38名의 '이야기나누는 시간'을 直接 觀察하여 H.H. Anderson의 따라 基準에 分析하였다. 그 結果, 다음과 같이 밝혀졌다. 1. 교사의 敎育經歷과 言語形態와의 關係에 있어서는, 교육경력이 적을수록 칭찬을 많이 하였으며 교육경력이 많을수록 폭넓은 질문을 하였다. 2. 교사의 學歷水準과 言語形態와의 關係에 있어서는, 학력수준이 높을수록 統合約이며 폭넓은 질문을 하였다. 3. 교사의 價値觀과 言語形態와의 關係에 있어서는, 發展價値指向的인 교사가 폭넓은 질문을 하였다. 4. 敎育的 施設 및 環境과 言語形態와의 關係를 調査한 結果는 다음과 같다. 가. 환경이 우수한 곳에서의 敎師가 統合的이었으며 폭넓은 질문을 하였다. 나. 보조교사가 있을 경우 統合的이었으며 칭찬도 많이 하였다. 다. 학급크기가 적을수록 統合的이었으며 칭찬을 많이 하였다. 또한 폭넓은 질문을 많이 하였다.;The words or verbal patterns used by a teacher in teaching activities are greatly influenced upon the behavior of children, and with this significance in mind, this study suggests problems to clarify teacher's verbal patterns in the kindergarten, as follows : 1. How a teacher's educational career is influenced on the verbal patterns? 2. How a teacher's schooling is influenced on the verbal patterns? 3. How a teacher's view of value is influenced on the verbal patterns? 4. How educational facilities and environment are influenced on the verbal patterns? To answer the questions, this study is divided into two parts. First, on the basis of review of the literature or records, an analysis is made of what the factors and chracteristics are by which a teacher's words or verbal pattern are affected, and how teaching is classified on the basis of kinds of verbal pattern. And then, based on this theory, a direct observation is made teaching of 38 kindgarten teachers in Seoul, and the resultant findings are analysed by the H.H. Anderson's system. As a result of that, the following suggestions are giver for a further study of teacher's words or verbal patterns, as follows : 1) A process of training or retraining teachers is required by which the teacher could grasp her own verbal pattern by the use of aid materials such as recorded tape since verbal analysis system may be used for correcting his own behavior. 2) It is recommended that the length of years of training teachers for kindergarten at junior colleges should be extended so that balanced education between the theory and practice could be maintained, and regular colleges concerned should put their emphasis on practice on site with careful attention to the children's experience. 3) A careful examination should be made of the quality and roles of kindergarten teacher both in pre-service education or in-service education, an ideal plan for fostering the enhancement of the quality made, and then various measures taken for correctly establishing the teacher's own attitude toward education and view of value. 4) Since a teacher's words are heavily affected not nearly by his improvement of quality but by his teaching facilities and environment, kindergartens under insufficient conditions should take desirable measures, and especially genuine discussion should be made of the participation of assistant instructors or children's parents into learning in case that it is hard to reduce in size the class. 5) The teacher fully taking into consideration a child's needs, interest, experiences and educational situation, a wide variety of questions should be given against which the child could answer after he thinks fully. In addition, further studies should be followed on the teacher's vocabulary, sentences, and logic of the sentences. Really fundamental to the later education, infant education should be performed by teachers with desirable quality, right view of teacher. What kind of verbal patterns can enhance more learning effect than any other may be one of the most significant questions toward better effect of education. This question yet remains to be answered as a subject of further study by in-service teachers.
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