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人格의 變化에 있어서 斷續的 經驗이 갖는 敎育的 意味檢討

人格의 變化에 있어서 斷續的 經驗이 갖는 敎育的 意味檢討
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(A) Study on the Educational Meaning for Discountinuity of Experience in Change of Personality
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이화여자대학교 대학원
本硏究는 人間經驗의 斷續的인 可變性이 지닌 敎育的 意味를 考察함으로써 斷續的인 經驗現象의 敎育學的인 價値檢討를 目的으로 하였다. 1) 本 論文에서는 敎育에서의 人間理解方式을 다음의 두 측면으로 구분하여 다루었다. ① 傳統的인 人間理解 ② 深層的인 人間理解 ①은 人間의 自然的 側面과 客觀的 側面의 變化에 비중을 둔 人間理解方式인데 비해 ②는 非合理的, 感性的, 內面的 側面의 變化可能性에 비중을 둔 人間理解方式이다. 2) 本硏究에서는 이상의 人間理解方式들 중 특히 ②深層的 人間理解의 方式을 주로 實存哲學과 佛敎의 관점을 토대로 하여 考察하였다. 특히 實存哲學的 立場과 佛敎的 立場에서 본 人間의 深層的 理解의 內容 중 깨우침·만남 등의 斷續的 經驗과 飛躍的 轉換의 可能性에 초점을 두고 그 敎育的 意味를 探究하였다. 3) 人間의 斷續的 經驗과 飛躍的 轉換의 敎育的 意味를 要約하면 다음과 같다. ① 오랜 敎育으로도 일어나지 않던 全人的인 變化가 일어날 수 있다. ② 知와 情이 조화된 全人敎育을 가능하게 한다. ③ 對話와 信賴를 바탕으로 한 人格的인 人間關係는 敎育的 문제뿐만 아니라 社會問題解決에도 공헌한다. ④ 自我實現이 可能하게 된다.;This thesis persues the discontinuity of experiences by exploring ever changable characteristics of human experience in lights of existentialism and Buddism. 1. In this study, the methods of understanding human being in education were devided into two aspects, the traditional one and the deptical man. The natural and objective aspects of man were stressed by the traditional method in understanding human being. On the other hand, the method of understanding the deptical aspects of human being stresses the irrational and emotional, natural aspects in human characteristics. 2. In the study, the importance was attached to such changable and discontinuing characteristics of human experiences that make man awake himself and have meeting(encounter) as both existentialism and Buddism stress. And its educational meaning was examined. 3. The educational meaning in discontinuity of human experiences is as follows : 1) Through awakening and meeting an unexpected sudden change appears in human being. 2) We can persue whole-man education as harmonized man of knowledge and emotion. 3) The personal relation based on dialogue and beliefs between teacher and pupils can solve many kinds of social problems as well as educational. 4) Self-realization is possible.
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