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幼兒敎育機關에 對한 學父母들의 期待에 關한 硏究

幼兒敎育機關에 對한 學父母들의 期待에 關한 硏究
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(A) Study on the parents' expectations to the preschool
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교육대학원 교육학전공유아교육분야
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
As more people admit that the importance of the preshool education in our society is increasing, there came to bring out the insistence that the institutions of the preschool education be able to satisfy the demands and necessities of our society. Today, social and ecological approach in which the factors of the infants' parents, families and local comnunities are much made of, we being attempted to the direction of the preschool education. Accordingly, this study has set up, as its purpose, the search for the expectations of the parents who are sending their children to the institutions of the preschool education, for their purposes and contents of education, equipments, teachers, managements and etc. I used both the document-research and the questionair-survey. I investigated 290 parents of the public Day Care Centers and 260 ones of the private infant schools and prechools, as its data, classifying and comparing the general attitudes and the factors of the existence of their mothers occupations and their domestics, the incomes of their families, the equipments(of Day Care Center and preschool) arid the forms of their families, and analyzed them. The proportion of recovery is 76.2%, 419 papers I used percentage and x^(2)-verification(that of the effectiveness on 5% level) in data-treatment and the analysis of the results. The results of this study are as follows: 1. There has brought out the tendency that people wish that children would be allowed to enter the school earlier than they are at the age of 6 (80.4%) 2. There has brought out the tendency that the best part of the parents take it far suited for children to spend about 3 hours in their daily school-lives, (57.3%), and that the less parents hope their children to spend 8 hours and more. (41.3%) 3. I think we should have the rate of teacher to children much lower than I: 40 of the present preschool. (96.4%) 4. I think we should have the system of administration in the institutions of preschool education compulsory education. (46.8%) 5. As the education expenses is too hard for the parents of students, I hope the parents of the students bear some of the expenses and the government support them for the rest of it. (62.1%) 6. The parents think that the institution of preschool education plentiful of equipments, teaching tools, and teaching materials is the standard of the good one,(54.8%) and that the present equipment, teaching tools, and teaching materials, should be improved and filled up. (63.0%) 7. About the qualifications of the teachers it is showed that they, in the aspect of the academic career, want the graduates of the course of early childhood education in the university and in the aspect of age, want the persons in their thirties who will take care of their children with love and care. 8. The parents of the students take a negative attitude towards the participation in the early childhood education of the pre-school.;幼兒敎育의 重要性이 社會的으로 널리 認定되면서, 幼兒敎育機關이 社會의 要求를 充足시킬 수 있어야 한다는 主張이 나오게 되었다. 오늘날 幼兒敎育의 方向은 父母, 家族, 地域社會 要因을 고려하는 社會. 生態學的 접근이 試圖되고 있다. 이에 本 硏究는 家庭과 學校間의 相互補完的인 關係를 바탕으로 一貫性 있는 敎育을 위해, 現在 幼兒敎育機關에 子女를 보내고 있는 學父母들의 幼兒敎育機關에 대한 敎育目的, 內容, 施設, 敎師, 運營 等에 對한 期待를 調査하는 것을 硏究 目的으로 設定하였다. 硏究 方法은 文獻硏究와 質問紙法을 倂行하였으며, 서울市內 市立 어린이집 學父母 290名과 私立 幼兒·幼稚園 學父母 260名을 對象으로 調査하여 全體的인 傾向과 어머니 職業 有·無別, 家庭 收入別, 施設名(어린이집, 幼稚園), 家族形態別, 家政婦 有·無別 等 變因別로 比較 分析하였다. 回數率은 419枚(76.2%)이며, 資料 處理 및 結果 分析은 百分率과 X^(2) 檢證(5% 水準에서 유의도 檢證)을 使用 하였다. 硏究 結果는 다음과 같다. 1. 兒童 受容能力이 現行 幼稚園의 6歲보다 일찍 受容해 주기를 願하고 있는 것으로 나타났다.(80.4%) 2. 一日生活 時間은 오전 3時間 程度가 適當하다고 생각하는 수가 가장 많으나, (57.3%), 8時間 및 그 이상으로 延長되어 자기를 願하는 學父母도 높게 나타났다.(43.7%) 3. 敎師·兒童 比率은 현재 유치원의 1:40보다 훨씬 낮아져야 한다고 생각한다.(96.4%) 4. 幼兒敎育機關의 運營體制는 義務敎育化되어져야 한다고 생각한다.(46.8%) 5. 幼稚園의 敎育費는 學父母에게 과중하며, 敎育費 負擔은 學父母가 일부 負擔하고, 國家에서 一部 補助하기를 희망한다.(62.1%) 6. 施設, 敎具, 敎材가 豊富한 곳을 좋은 幼兒敎育機關의 基準으로 생각하고 있으며(54.4%), 現在의 施設, 敎具, 敎材는 改善, 補充되어 져야 한다고 생각한다.(63.0%) 7. 敎師의 學歷에서는 4年制 大學의 幼兒敎育科 出身 程度를 가장 願하는 것으로 나타났다. 年齡은 30代(45.3%) 程度로 사랑으로 자상하게 돌보아 주는 분이 幼兒敎育機關의 바람직한 敎師像으로 나타났다. 8. 父母敎育 參與가 消極的이다.
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