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새로운 국민학교 저학년 산수 교육과정에 관한 연구

새로운 국민학교 저학년 산수 교육과정에 관한 연구
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교육대학원 교육학전공초등교육분야
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
Objectives of this study attent to searching for a model for the curriculum of the junior technical college theoretically, and searching for problems in analyzing and examining the curriculum of the junior technical college (main figure of the machinery course), and trying to present the device of betterment. In this study, world-wide tendency of short-term higher education, development process and present condition of Korea short-term higher education, present status and problem of the curriculum for the junior technical college and device of it's betterment are set up as a research subject. A method of this study refers to the research of literatures, comparison of data and analyzing research, the compara tive subject collects the machineries and similar subjects of the four year-course engineering university, junior technical college and technical high school. In second chapter, the world-wide tendency of the shortterm higher education, historical development process and present status of the Korea short-term higher educational organization and the model of the curriculum of the short-term higher organization are investigated from the theoretical side. In third chapter, lesson formation and arrangement of points, option of the comparative subject and comparison and analysis found as following problem with analysis whether the curriculum having uniques and characteristics practically operates as a junior technical college in accordance with an intention of this study. In brief : 1. The contents of the curriculum for the industrial techniques of the junior technical college are professional to excess as much as 4 years course engineering university. 2. There are much overlapping in the contents of the course of study the junior technical college. 3. Practice and review are in want of the CurriCulum of the junior technical college according to preponderance. 4. Basic subjects such as mathematic, physics and chemicals in the curriculum of the junior technical college. 5. It could be pointed that subject for examination of 2nd class engineer do not concentrate the practical subject aiming at theory. I would like to suggest through result of this research as following : First : The curriculum of the junior technical college should be sublated from the four year college course level to practice. Second : Overlapping course of study should be sublated from the curriculum of the junior technical college. Third : The curriculum of the Junior Technical College should be formed suitable to every position based on occupational analysis adapted to our industrial society. Forth : We should propel to establish a special educational organization as a new professional job title to the authority concerned. Fifth : The curriculum of such junior technical college limits to machinery department under the limitations of individual, but it should be studied and expanded generally under basic analysis of the occupation of industrial society.;本 硏究의 目的은 專門大學 敎育課程의 模型을 理論的으로 찾고, 機械料를 中心으로 專門大學의 敎 育課程을 分析 檢討하여 問題點을 찾고 그 改善方案을 提示하는데 있다. 本 硏究에서는 短期高等敎育의 世界的 動向, 韓國短期高等敎育의 發達過程 및 現況, 專門大學 敎育 課程의 現況, 및 問題點, 그리고 그 改善方案 등을 硏究問題로 設定하였다. 本 硏究의 方法은 文獻硏究와 資料의 比較, 分析硏究로 하였으며 比較對象은 四年制 工料大學과 工 業系 專門大學, 그리고 工業高等學校의 機械料 類似敎科目을 標集하였다. 第2章에서는 短期高等敎育의 世界的 動向과 韓國의 短期高等敎育機關의 歷史的 發達過程 및 現況, 그리고 短期高等敎育機關의 敎育課程 模型을 理論的 측면에서 考察하고, 第3章에서는 本 硏究의 意 圖에 따라 專門大學으로서의 獨自性과 特殊性이 있는 敎育課程이 과연 實際的으로 運營되고 있는가 에 대한 分析으로서 現行 各級學校 機械料 敎育課程의 敎料編制 및 學點配當, 비교과목의 選擇,그 리고 選擇된 科目에 대한 比較 分析으로서 다음과 같은 問題點을 찾았다. 이를 要約하면 ① 專門大學 工業技術 敎育課程의 內容이 四年制 工科大學의 수준으로서 너무 專門 的이고, ② 專門大學 敎料課程 內容에 重復이 많고, ③ 專門大學 敎育課程이 理論科目의 偏重으로 實習이 不足하였으며 ④ 專門大學 敎育課程에 數學, 物理, 化學, 等의 基礎科目이 末備했고 ⑤ 技 士2級 試驗料目이 理論 위주로, 實技科目에 주력하지 않은 點 등을 들 수 있다. 이러한 硏究結果를 通하여 다음과 같이 提言한다. 첫째, 專門大學 敎育課程을 理論과 實驗위주의 四年制 大學 수준에서 實習위주로 지양되어야 할 것 이다. 둘째, 專門大學 敎育課程 中 敎育內容上 重復이 많은 것을 지양하여야 할 것이다. 세째, 專門大學 敎靑課程을 우리 産業社會에 맞는 職業分析의 토대 아래 各 職種에 맞게 編成되어 야 할 것이다. 네째, 새로운 專門的 職種으로서 特殊技術敎育機關의 設立을 政府에서 推進하여야 할 것이다. 다섯째, 이러한 專門大學 敎育課程의 個人의 能力의 限界로 機械料에 限하였으나 産業社會의 職業 의 基礎分析아래 全般的으로 擴大, 硏究되어져야 할 것이다.
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