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한국 고등학생의 정치ㆍ경제적 태도에 관한 연구

한국 고등학생의 정치ㆍ경제적 태도에 관한 연구
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(A) Study on Korean High School Student's Political and Economical attitudes
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교육대학원 사회과교육전공일반사회교육분야
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
It is very meaningful to establish one's desirable sense of value in the period of youth. If it is not built up well, young people will live their lives without goals, losing a life index, and might wander about. Especially, the establishment of healthy political economic views is directly related to the development of a nation. This study is to provide basic materials helpful to educating political, economic point of view at the present education by grasping high school students' political, economic attitudes. As the study method, questionnaire papers were distributed to seoul's and other local cities' high school students, 150 each male and female students in the first grade by selecting total 600 students. The questionnaire paper was made up of total 23 questions with mutiple choices and anonimous answers, and it was divided with areas, sex, and grade marks for comparison and study. Among total 600 copies, 565 copies were returnd; 265 in Seoul, 294 in local cities; 291 male students, 273 female students; 231 in rank 1-10, 255 in rank 11-30 and 72 in below rank 30. As the result of study, there were some differences between groups, and especially in the question on woman's participation in politics and imbalance in local economy, the difference of opinions was apparently distinguished. That is, female students had more opened attitudes toward woman's participation in politics than male students, and local students shared the problem of imbalance in local economy batter than seoul students. Generally, the students had pessimistic and negative views on our nation's political, economic reality, and thinking that they are country in the future, it must be a serious problem. Therefore, teachers should guide them with a sense of duty so that they can have healthy and desirable attitudes toward politics and economy.
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