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中學校 社會科 敎師들의 環境意識에 關한 硏究

中學校 社會科 敎師들의 環境意識에 關한 硏究
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(A) Study on the Thought Environmental Education by Social Studies Teachers in Middle School
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교육대학원 사회과교육전공지리교육분야
중학교; 사회과; 교사; 환경의식
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
EnviroInental problems have been deteriorating increasingly in global scale and so environmental education has been more frequently emphasized all over the word. Also in korea, the concerx for environmental education is rising now. As environmental education is the unique domain of education to be recently appeared, according as environmental pollution has been serious socially, it has the peculiar characteristics that are as follows : First, environmental education should be done through the interdiciplinary or multidiciplinary method, because it is the domain of education whose subject is about the whole aspect of environment. Second, environmental education schould place stress on the affective domain more than the intellectual one. because its main purpose is the development done on the regional scale. because environmental problems are much diversified in accordance with the local, regional situation. To know how well environmental education in Korea has been being carried out, environmental education parts of the curriculum of Social studies in middle school and Social Studies teachers' thought on environmental problems and education were analyzed. Because social studies seems to take charge of environmental education in the largest quantities. According to the analyses of them, the problems of environmental education in Korea are as follows : First, Even if, in related curriculums (Science, Ethics, etc,) as well as Social studies, the contents of environmental education were intensified in the laest 5th curriculum revision, many of them were duplicated in each subject. The cause is that there has been no interdiciplinary system of allrelated subjects in real meaning. The roles distributed by the critera of interdiciplinary system, which should be accomplished in preference to disconnected roles at each subject. Second, Social Studies teachers recognized the seriousness of environmental problems and the need of environmental education, but they took little time for environmental education at classroom. It apperas that entrance - exam oriented education in Korea has prevented teachers from carring out environmental education to place emphasis on affective aspect. Third, it was verified that materials needed for environmental education were very short in most school and most of Social Studies teachere has taken few lactures in their college days. As mentioned above, environmental education in korea has not fulfilled the objects and the contents that it should aim at. Therefore, several improvements should be made on the following aspects : First, after making the multidiciplinary or interdiciplinary curriculum on environmental education in the first place, we should allot appropriate roles to each relating subjests. Second, materials and programs environmental education should be urgently designed and improved so that teachers can proceed it more viridly and effectively. Third, systematic training programs for present and preliminary teachers should be proceeded assording to the ones fitted to each local characteristics.;예로부터 環境이 주요 硏究對象이었던 地理學은 環境敎育의 주요 科目으로서 좀더 體系化가 된다면 環境敎育에 많은 貢獻을 할 수 있을 것이다. 本 硏究는 現在 中學校에서의 環境敎育의 實態를 敎育課程과 敎師들의 意識調査를 통해 알아보고 間題點과 改善方案을 模索해 보고자 하였다. 中學校 敎育課程 중 環境에 관련된 內容調査와 敎師들에 대한 質間紙 應答의 分析 結果 얻은 結論은 다음과 같다. 1. 多學問的인 方法으로 敎育過程에서 環境敎育을 意圖하였다고 하나 環境敎育이 體系化된 다음 각 敎科로 分散된 것이 아니라 각 敎科의 體系대로 敎科書에 실려 있으므로 內容이 重複된 형태이거나 전혀 관계없는 內容으로 敎授되고 있는 실정이다. 汎敎科的 敎育過程을 만들어 社會·科學·道德등 관련과목에서 어떤 부분을 擔當해야할지 정해야한다. 2. 環境敎育은 특히 情意的 領域이 중요한데 우리나라의 入試위주의 敎育풍토에서 시험과 상관없는 情意的 領域은 敎師나 學生이나 무관심하기가 쉽다. 어떤 형태로든 環境敎育을 위한 시간배려가 必要하다. 3. 아무리 우수한 프로그램과 環境敎育을 위한 政策的인 배려가 주어졌다 하더라도 훌륭한 資質을 갖춘 敎師없이는 아무 소용이 없다. 環境敎育은 특히 敎師가 중요한 변수가 되므로 敎師 再硏修를 실시해야 한다. 4. 敎師들의 意識調査 결과 環境敎育을 위해서는 새로운 프로그램의 開發이 가장 시급하다는 의견이 지배적이므로 새로운 프로그램의 開發과 이의 資料化·目錄化를 통한 현장으로의 연결장치가 이루어져야 한다.
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