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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Biomechanical effects of variable stiffness shoes in normal walking after 60-minute adaptation이태용Article
2017The biomechanical effects of split-sole shoes on normal walking이태용Article
2017Fully automated nipple detection in digital breast tomosynthesis최장환Article
2016Motor Output Variability Impairs Driving Ability in Older Adults문화실Article
2017Dynamic measurement of surface strain distribution on the foot during walking이태용Article
2017Enhanced viscoelastic properties of nickel-aluminum-bronze alloyed with indium or its alloys이태용Article
2016The influence of sex, body mass and body mass index on plantar soft-tissue stiffness in healthy people in their 60s이태용Article
2017Parameter identification of hyperelastic material properties of the heel pad based on an analytical contact mechanics model of a spherical indentation이태용Article
2016A red card for women: Female officials ostracized in South Korean football홍은아Article
2016Comparison of dietary behavior, changes of diet, and food intake between 40-59 years old subjects living in urban and rural areas in Lao PDR이경옥; 강민아; 김유리; 김현수; 이건정Article
2015Applications of u-fitness in sports field이경옥Conference Paper
2013Effects of 4 weeks sonic wave vibration therapy on gait performances in diabetic peripheral neuropathy patients: A pilot study전지현Article
2016Personalized exercise prescription utilizing virtual fitness이경옥Conference Paper
2015Effects of a Pueraria lobata-root based combination supplement containing Rehmannia glutinosa and aerobic exercise on improvement of metabolic dysfunctions in ovariectomized rats이원준; 권오란Article
2015The development of sport policy and management in South Korea원형중; 홍은아Article
2013β-Hydroxy-β-Methylbutyrate as a countermeasure for cancer cachexia: A cellular and molecular rationale이원준Article
2014Homeostasis between gut-associated microorganisms and the immune system in Drosophila이원준Review
2013Leisure type, leisure satisfaction and adolescents' psychological wellbeing신규리Article
2013HMB attenuates muscle loss during sustained energy deficit induced by calorie restriction and endurance exercise이원준Article
2013Testing the Effects of Constraints on Climate Change-Friendly Behavior among Groups of Australian Residents윤지인Article