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2015Clinical effect of white matter network disruption related to amyloid and small vessel disease김건하Article
2016Serum lactate dehydrogenase levels at presentation in stage IV non-small cell lung cancer: predictive value of metastases and relation to survival outcomes박경란Article
2015The Effects of Age, Gender, and Hand on Force Control Capabilities of Healthy Adults김건하Article
2015Single nucleotide polymorphisms in DKK3 gene are associated with prostate cancer risk and progression이하나Article
2016Effect of various surface treatments on the interfacial adhesion between zirconia cores and porcelain veneers윤형인Article
2015Impact of Conventional Versus Altered Fractionation on Local Control for Treatment of Early Glottic Cancer박경란Meeting Abstract
2016Prosthetic rehabilitation with an implant-supported fixed prosthesis using computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing dental technology for a patient with a mandibulectomy: A clinical report윤형인Article
2015TLR4 Endogenous Ligand S100A8/A9 Levels in Adult-Onset Still's Disease and Their Association with Disease Activity and Clinical Manifestations김인제Meeting Abstract
2015Fat Metaplasia on Sacroiliac Joint Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Baseline Is Associated with Spinal Radiographic Progression in Patients with Axial Spondyloarthritis김인제Meeting Abstract
2015Association of CXCL10 and CXCL13 Levels with Disease Activity and Cutaneous Manifestation in Active Adult-Onset Still's Disease김인제Meeting Abstract