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2009Nanoporous In-MOF with multiple one-dimensional pores김성진; 김영미Article
2016Mechanistic Insight into the Nitric Oxide Dioxygenation Reaction of Nonheme Iron(III)-Superoxo and Manganese(IV)-Peroxo Complexes남원우; 이용민Article
2016Layer-by-layer self-assembly of bisdendrons: An unprecedented route to multilayer thin films김동하Article
2008Substituent effects of pyrazine on construction of crystal structures of Zn(II)-benzoate complexes and their catalytic activities (dinuclear, trinuclear, and pentanuclear to 1-D and 2-D)김성진; 김영미Article
2008Encapsulation of flavor molecules, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy benzoic acid, into layered inorganic nanoparticles for controlled release of flavor최진호Conference Paper
2008Fe 3O 4@ polypyrrole core-shell nanohybrid for efficient DNA retrieval최진호Conference Paper
2009Systematic electronic control in ambipolar compounds optimizes their photoluminescence properties: Synthesis, characterization, and device fabrication of four-coordinate boron compounds containing an N,O-chelating oxazolylphenolate ligand이종목Article
2009Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry characterization of FK506 biosynthetic intermediates in Streptomyces clavuligerus KCTC 10561BP윤여준; 박제원; 모상준Article
2016Factors Controlling the Chemoselectivity in the Oxidation of Olefins by Nonheme Manganese(IV)-Oxo Complexes남원우; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 이용민Article
2016Characterization of the Two Methylation Steps Involved in the Biosynthesis of Mycinose in Tylosin윤여준; 송명종; 남상집Article