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2013Reconstruction of unexpected huge chest wall defect after recurrent breast cancer excision using a TRAM flap combined with partial latissimus dorsi muscle flap김양우; 강소라Note
2013Traumatic cleft earlobe repair: Using a double triangular flap for differently sized components on either side of the cleft서현숙; 강소라Article
2014Effects of the diabetic condition on grafted fat survival: An experimental study using streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats강소라Article
2014Safety of silastic sheet for orbital wall reconstruction서현숙; 강소라Article
2015Rice body tenosynovitis without tuberculosis infection after multiple acupuncture procedures in a hand서현숙; 강소라; 박보영; 홍승은Note
2016Legal issues related to postoperative pulmonary thromboembolism in Korea강소라; 김민지; 박보영; 홍승은Article
2017A smartphone application to educate undergraduate nursing students about providing care for infant airway obstruction강소라Article
2010Paragonimus westermani found in the tip of a little finger성순희; 장중현; 강소라; 이진화; 양현종Article
2013Restoration of the medial epicanthal fold: Reverse skin redraping method in patients unsatisfied with epicanthoplasty김양우; 강소라Conference Paper
2014Corrective Epicanthoplasty in patients with unnatural results of prior epicanthoplasty: Rearrangement of the orbicularis oculi muscle above the medial canthal tendon김양우; 강소라Article