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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Communicative reading coursebook with Korean literatureJung, Eun JuMaster's Thesis
2012High School English ReadingPark, Na EunMaster's Thesis
2012The Confident SpeakerPaek, JoyceMaster's Thesis
2012Power PreparationChung, Jae YeonMaster's Thesis
2012韩国初高中汉语交际文化教学研究엽은현Master's Thesis
2012韩国小学汉语教学中的汉字教学的研究윤미희Master's Thesis
2012韩国高中汉语教材辅助练习册的设计김미선Master's Thesis
2012以故事为中心的高中汉语副教材设计 Learning Chinese by Stories이소영Master's Thesis
2012《 汉语口语速成入门篇(신공략중국어기초)》补充教材최정화Master's Thesis
2012以动画片"小企饿"为素材制作汉语教材권효진Master's Thesis