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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015Approaches to Enhance the Catalytic Hydrogen Production by Dinuclear Rhodium Complexes이가예Master's Thesis
2018Fabrication of Amperometric Sensor for Measurement of Nitric Oxide and Glucose/Oxygen김소희Master's Thesis
2018Synthesis of Bimetallic and Alloy Nanostructures and Studies of Their Electrochemical Properties문신영Master's Thesis
2018Synthesis of Au NPs/CB and Analysis of Their Dual Catalytic Effect for Oxygen and CO2 Reduction Reaction김여민Master's Thesis
2018Synthesis and Characterization of Low-Dimensional Transition Metal Oxide with Energy Functionalities강보현Master's Thesis
2014The Development of Chemosensors for Anions, CO₂, Phytate and Thermal Reversibility이민지Master's Thesis
2014The Development of Highly Selective Fluorescent Chemosensors for Metal Ions and Thiols이혜연Master's Thesis
2018A novel ratchet mechanism for nanoparticle transport created by a flexibility gradient on DNA molecules and modulation of salt concentration박수현Master's Thesis
2014Cyanide의 선택적 감지와 나노 구조의 형성을 위한 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons김재미Master's Thesis
2019Controlling the Reflection of Electromagnetic Waves through Periodic Structures정경민Master's Thesis
2019Synthesis and Development of Fluorescent Probes for Detecting Chiral Molecules, Metal Ions and Hydroxyl Radical정예린Master's Thesis
2019Development of Fluorescent Probes for the Detection of Biomolecules and Tumors홍주희Master's Thesis
2019Synthesis of Unsymmetrical N-Arylsulfamides via Chan-Lam Cross-Coupling Reaction of Sulfamoyl Azides and Arylboronic Acids원숙영Master's Thesis
2019Optical Filters for Colorful Organic Solar Cell손지은Master's Thesis
2019Organic and Polymeric materials for Colorimetric and Fluorescent Sensing of Biomolecules and Metal ions엄세원Master's Thesis
2019Synthesis of vaulted N-heterocyclic carbenes김희은Master's Thesis
2019A borane sensor for amino alcohol to determine enantionmeric excess and concentration via circular dichroism and fluorescence송아영Master's Thesis
2019Reducing Burn-in Loss in Small molecule Organic Semiconductor by the Addition of a Crystalline Polymer김지희Master's Thesis
2019Stable Organic Photovoltaics Utilizing Robust Electron Transporting Layers and Synthesis of Hybrid Metal Oxide Nanomaterials오혜림Master's Thesis
2019Engineered 3D Multicellular Tumor Models for Anti-Cancer Drug Screening배인영Master's Thesis