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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019The formation and growth of surface nanodroplets and molecular ordering of hard rods in nanoposts array길계형Master's Thesis
2019Molecular Dynamics Studies on Structural Stability of Ceramide Ⅲb Layers and Potential of Mean Force김해인Master's Thesis
2019The Roles of Reduced Graphene Oxide, RuO2, and MoS2 Nanosheets in Visible Light-Active Hybrid-type Photocatalysts손수지Master's Thesis
2018Fabrication of CO/K+ Dual Amperometric/Potentiometric Microsensor and in-vitro Measurement on Brain Slice of Mice우주원Master's Thesis
2017Shape-Controlled Syntheses of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles using Rare-Earth Metal Complexes송효원Master's Thesis
2016Understanding complex fluids on a molecular scale장은선Master's Thesis
2016Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of Lennard-Jones Fluid정지윤Master's Thesis
2015Synthesis of RuO_(2)-Co_(3)O_(4) hybrid nanotubes by electrospinning and highly fluorinated comb-like epoxy acrylate장혜수Master's Thesis
2015The development of Fluorescent Chemosensors for Lys, Hcy and Metal ions박선희Master's Thesis
2015Studies on the Fluorescent Probes and Photodynamic Therapy김다빈Master's Thesis
2015Molecular Dynamics Study of Ice Growth최세현Master's Thesis
2020Synthesis and Characterization of Efficient Electrode Materials with Optimized Defect Structure for Li−O2 Batteries김새영Master's Thesis
2020CH3NH3PbI3 Based Perovskite Solar Cell Prepared by All Vacuum Process and its Application for Tandem Solar Cells강지원Master's Thesis
2020A Chemical Way to Finely Control the Stacking Structure and Electrochemical Functionality of Cationic 2D Inorganic Nanosheets김나진Master's Thesis
2020Efficient and Thermally Stable Ternary Organic Photovoltaics Prepared by Sequential Deposition of Conjugated Polymer and Fullerene민수현Master's Thesis
2020Interfacial Engineering of the ZnO Electron Transporting Layer by Self-Assembled Monolayers for High Performance Perovskite Solar Cells한진영Master's Thesis
2020Synthesis and Characterization of n-type Semiconductor Materials and Their Thermoelectric Properties안주희Master's Thesis
2020Studies into the Synthesis of Graphene Nano Ribbons and Vitamin B6 Mimic Catalysts한정화Master's Thesis
2020Stability Study of Non-Fullerene Based Organic Solar Cells by Separating Light- and Thermal- Induced Degradation박찬주Master's Thesis
2020A Nonheme Chromium(V)-Oxo Complex with One-Electron Oxidized Tetraamide Macrocylic Ligand Exhibiting Much Higher Oxidation Reactivity than Compound I장유리Master's Thesis