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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Synthetic Strategies for Equal Access to Either Diastereomers전혜연Master's Thesis
2018Enantiomeric separation of underivatized amino acids using chiral crown ethers이슬Master's Thesis
2018Lipidomic profiling analysis of plasma and liver tissue from high fat and high cholesterol-diet induced obese mice강은정Master's Thesis
2017Synthesis of Alkali Metal Vanadate Nanowires (M = Li, Na and K) and UV-curable Highly Fluorinated Epoxy Acrylate이예정Master's Thesis
2019Improved Performance of New Non-Fullerene Small Molecule Acceptors in Organic Solar Cells and Low-Dimensional V_2O_5-WO_3 Composite Nanotubes and WS_2 Nanosheets신유경Master's Thesis
2019Synthesis of N-heterocyclic carbene boranes as stimuli-responsive materials천보현Master's Thesis
2019Synthesis of Novel Nicotinamide-attached BINOL Receptor As Chiral Shift Reagent for Amino Acids최윤정Master's Thesis
2019Synthesis of Alkali Earth Metal Vanadate Nanowires (M=Ca, Sr) and Temperature Dependence of Dissociation Constants proved by the Spectrophotometric Method김하연Master's Thesis
20192D Nanostructured Hybrids with Electrode and Algaecide Functionalities손서연Master's Thesis
2019Metal-free Chemo- and Regioselective C-H Bond Functionalization of Naphthols with α-Aryl-α-Diazoesters김지원Master's Thesis
2019Synthesis of the chiral receptor based on diaminocyclohexane for chiral discrimination of amine compounds곽미진Master's Thesis
2019Structures and Physical Properties of 2D Tin Iodide Perovskites고지혜Master's Thesis
2019Synthesis of Unsymmetrical 3,5ᅳDiaryl Pyridones via SiteᅳSelective Suzuki- Miyaura CrossᅳCoupling Reaction심하빈Master's Thesis
2015Approaches to Enhance the Catalytic Hydrogen Production by Dinuclear Rhodium Complexes이가예Master's Thesis
2018Fabrication of Amperometric Sensor for Measurement of Nitric Oxide and Glucose/Oxygen김소희Master's Thesis
2018Synthesis of Bimetallic and Alloy Nanostructures and Studies of Their Electrochemical Properties문신영Master's Thesis
2018Synthesis of Au NPs/CB and Analysis of Their Dual Catalytic Effect for Oxygen and CO2 Reduction Reaction김여민Master's Thesis
2018Synthesis and Characterization of Low-Dimensional Transition Metal Oxide with Energy Functionalities강보현Master's Thesis
2014The Development of Chemosensors for Anions, CO₂, Phytate and Thermal Reversibility이민지Master's Thesis
2014The Development of Highly Selective Fluorescent Chemosensors for Metal Ions and Thiols이혜연Master's Thesis