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2018Effects of Interlocutor Proficiency on Test-Takers’ Test Scores, Interaction Patterns, and Anxiety Levels in a Paired Speaking Test현일선Doctoral Thesis
2018Effects of Digital Textbooks on College EFL Learners’ Self-Regulated Learning, Language Skills, and Affective Aspects유지연Doctoral Thesis
2017Effects of Different Voice-Chat Conditions on Korean EFL Learners’ Speaking Ability, Oral Interaction, and Affective Factors김나영Doctoral Thesis
2016The Effects of Task Complexity and English Proficiency on Korean EFL Learners’ Listening Comprehension of Lectures and Academic Seminars차현지Doctoral Thesis
2016Effects of Grammar Support in a Process-Oriented Composition Class on Korean EFL College Students’ Writing김수진Doctoral Thesis
2016Korean Primary School Learners’ L2 Motivational Self System and the Moderating Effects of Learner Differences정윤주Doctoral Thesis
2015Effects of Wiki-Mediated Collaborative Writing on Korean EFL Learner’s Writing오혜진Doctoral Thesis
2015Effects of Web-Based Instruction and Vocabulary Activity on Korean College Students’ Vocabulary Learning and Reading Comprehension김주연Doctoral Thesis
2015Effects of Author Voice Writing Instruction on EFL Learners’ Writing and Use of Linguistic Voice Features성민선Doctoral Thesis
2015Effects of Repeated Reading on Korean EFL High School Students’ Reading Fluency, Lexical Meaning Access, and Comprehension김성희Doctoral Thesis