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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1998Studying my own culture as feminist practice김은실Article
1999The Glorification of 'Scientific Motherhood' as an Ideological Construct in Modern Korea이재경Article
2000The Cultural Logic of the Korean Modernization Project and its Gender Politics김은실Article
1996A Feminist View of Social Policy in Some East Asian Countries장필화Article
1998Expanding the network: Building women's studies in Asia, workshop I장필화Conference Paper
2018Editor’s Note김은실Editorial
2017Growing educational differentials in the retreat from marriage among Korean men이재경Article
2016Marriage, Independence and Adulthood among Unmarried Women in South Korea이재경Conference Paper
2015Precarious motherhood: Lives of Southeast Asian marriage migrant women in Korea이재경; 이은아; 김승경Article
2009The politics of the body in contemporary Korea김은실Review
2009South Korea: Toward a collective public sociology of labor조순경Article
2008Uncomfortable transit from caregiving to care receiving: Elderly women encounter the problematic reciprocity of caring장필화Article
2016The gift in the heart of language: The maternal source of meaning장필화Book Review
2013The Postcolonial Politics of Food: Creating 'Locality' through Local Knowledge김은실Article
2011Measures of Women's Status and Gender Inequality in Asia: Issues and Challenges이재경; 박혜경Article
2010The Politics of Institutionalizing Feminist Knowledge: Discussing "Asian" Women's Studies in South Korea김은실Article
2009War and the Death of a Kisaeng: The Construction of the Collective Memory of the "Righteous Kisaeng Non'gae" in Late Choson정지영Article
2008Politics of meaning: Care work and migrant women허라금Article
2008Feminist consciousness and women's education: The case of women's studies, Ewha Womans University장필화Article
2007Vicarious language: Gender and linguistic modernity in Japan장필화Book Review