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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2005In situ measurement of macrophyte photosynthesis and respiration in shallow lakes박석순Article
2005Inhibition of extracellular enzyme activities in a forest soil by additions of inorganic nitrogen강호정Article
2004Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations on soil microorganisms강호정; 이승훈Review
2004A physiological study on growth and dibenzothiophene (DBT) desulfurization characteristics of Gordonia sp. CYKS1조경숙Article
2004Population dynamics and demography of deermice (Peromyscus maniculatus) in heterogeneous habitat: Role of coarse woody debris이상돈Article
2004Remarkable bacterial diversity in the tidal flat sediment as revealed by 16S rDNA analysis박석순; 강호정Article
2004Construction and operation of a novel mediator- and membrane-less microbial fuel cell조경숙Article
2004Removal of high strength hydrogen sulfide gas using a bioreactor immobilized with Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and a chemical absorption scrubber조경숙Article
2004Quantification of inhibitory impact of heavy metals on the growth of Escherichia coli조경숙Article
2004Adsorption characteristics of Fe(III) and Fe(III)-NTA complex on granular activated carbon김동수Article
2004Characterization of Biofilms Occurred in Seepage Groundwater Contaminated with Petroleum Within an Urban Subway Tunnel조경숙Article
2004Activated Carbon from Peach Stones Using Phosphoric Acid Activation at Medium Temperatures김동수Article
2004Effects of surface chemical and electrochemical factors on the dewatering characteristics of fine particle slurry김동수Article
2004Retardation of phosphate release from freshwater benthic sediments by application of ocher pellets with calcium nitrate박석순Article
2004Oxidative Treatment of Cyanide in Wastewater Using Hydrogen Peroxide and Homogeneous Catalyst김동수Article
2004Impact of dropwindsonde data on Hurricane track forecasts박선기Conference Paper
2004Integrative assessments of a temperate stream based on a multimetric determination of biological integrity, physical habitat evaluations, and toxicity tests김동수Article
2004Synthesis and characterization of near-monodisperse yttria particles by homogeneous precipitation method김동수Article
2004Orographic effect on heavy rainfall in the east coast of the Korean Peninsula induced by a tropical cyclone박선기; 이은희Conference Paper
2004Removal of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Using Dominant Riparian Plants in a Hydroponic Culture System박석순Article