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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2004A 1.25-Gb/s CMOS burst-mode optical receiver with automatic level restoration for PON applications박성민Conference Paper
2003Pre-rake assisted rake receiver for TDD WCDMA system김낙명Conference Paper
2007A 4-channel 12.5Gb/s common-gate transimpedance amplifier array for DVI/HDMI applications박성민Conference Paper
2007A 1Gb/s optical transceiver array chipset for automotive wired interconnects박성민Conference Paper
1996Unified model for junction size, substrate doping, and energy dependence of α-particle-induced charge collection신형순Article
1999Error sensitivity of rotation angles in the ICP algorithm이병욱Article
2004Performance evaluation of an alternative IP lookup scheme for implementing high-speed routers김정호Article
2004Hybrid call admission control scheme supporting voice/video/packet data services with W-CDMA downlink power allocations지윤규; 김정호Conference Paper
2003Performance analysis of an IP lookup algorithm for high speed router systems김정호Article
2005Circuits for high-speed links and clock generators박성민Editorial
2006Improving brightness for a multi-projector display considering image content이병욱Conference Paper
2006Time slot allocation based on region and time partitioning for dynamic TDD-OFDM systems김낙명Conference Paper
2006A 1.8V, 60dBΩ, 11 GHz transimpedance amplifier with strong immunity to input parasitic capacitance박성민Conference Paper
2007Cognitive radio based bandwidth sharing among heterogeneous OFDM access systems김낙명Conference Paper
2007An efficient heterogeneous wireless access based on region and time partitioning in D-TDD OFDM systems김낙명Conference Paper
2007Adaptive chrominance correction for a projector considering image and screen color이병욱Conference Paper
2006Optical communication박성민Editorial
2004A 5-Gb/s 1/8-rate CMOS clock and data recovery circuit박성민Conference Paper
2007Detection of junctions via accumulation of connectivity-based weight in image space: Applications for locating 2D barcode김정태Article
2007Robust restoration of barcode signals김정태Article