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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019On Sharing an FIB Table in Named Data Networking임혜숙Article
2019Analysis of operation characteristics of junctionless poly-Si 1T-DRAM in accumulation mode신형순; 선우경Article
2019Joint Banknote Recognition and Counterfeit Detection Using Explainable Artificial Intelligence김정태Article
2019Distributed topology design for network coding deployed networks박형곤Article
2019Memristor Neural Network Training with Clock Synchronous Neuromorphic System신형순; 박준희; 선우경Article
2018Wearable in-the-ear EEG system for SSVEP-based brain–computer interface김지훈Article
2019Secure Integrated Circuit with Physical Attack Detection based on Reconfigurable Top Metal Shield김지훈Article
2018Secure circuit with optical energy harvesting against unpowered physical attacks김지훈Article
2018Low-Complexity Elliptic Curve Cryptography Processor Based on Configurable Partial Modular Reduction Over NIST Prime Fields김지훈Article
2018Memory-Reduced Non-Binary LDPC Decoding With Accumulative Bubble Check김지훈Article
2019Improving Ring-oscillator-based True Random Number Generators using Multiple Sampling김지훈Article
2019MEMS vibrational energy harvesters지창현Review
2019High-Speed Visual Target Identification for Low-Cost Wearable Brain-Computer Interfaces김지훈Article
2019Secure Circuit with Low-power On-chip Temperature Sensor for Detection of Temperature Fault Injection Attacks김지훈Article; Proceedings Paper
2019Analysis of the Memristor-Based Crossbar Synapse for Neuromorphic Systems신형순; 선우경Article
2019Regularized Auto-Encoder-Based Separation of Defects from Backgrounds for Inspecting Display Devices김정태Article
2019A 40-GHz Mirrored-Cascode Differential Transimpedance Amplifier in 65-nm CMOS박성민; 김지훈Article
2019A circled Bloom filter for the membership identification of multiple sets임혜숙; 이정원Conference Paper
2019Vectored-bloom filter implemented on FPGA for IP address lookup임혜숙Conference Paper
2019Cuckoo bloom filter임혜숙Conference Paper