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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Dual-load Bloom filter: Application for name lookup임혜숙Article
2020A switchable dual-mode fully-differential common-source low-noise amplifier in 0.18-μm CMOS technology박성민Article
2020Deep Learning Based Defect Inspection Using the Intersection Over Minimum Between Search and Abnormal Regions김정태Article
20193D Antenna Structures Using Uniform Triangular Arrays for Efficient Full-Directional Multiuser Transmission김정호Article
2019Three-Dimensional (3D) Vertical Resistive Random-Access Memory (VRRAM) Synapses for Neural Network Systems박준희; 선우경Article
2019Fast Affine Motion Estimation for Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Encoding강제원Article
2019Vectored-Bloom filter for IP address lookup: Algorithm and hardware architectures임혜숙Article
2019A Modified 2-D Vernier Time-to-digital Converter Using Resettable T-latch박성민; 김지훈Article
2019Machine Learning-Based Fast Banknote Serial Number Recognition Using Knowledge Distillation and Bayesian Optimization김정태Article
2017High-Throughput Non-Binary LDPC Decoder Based on Aggressive Overlap Scheduling김지훈Article
2017Fast auditory evoked potential extraction with real-time singular spectrum analysis김지훈Article
2017Low Noise CMOS Temperature Sensor with On-Chip Digital Calibration김지훈Article; Proceedings Paper
2019Energy-Efficient Base Station Control Framework for 5G Cellular Networks Based on Markov Decision Process김정호Article
2019Ensemble of Random Binary Output Encoding for Adversarial Robustness강제원Article
2019Image Reconstruction of Moving Objects Using Multiple IR-UWB Radar Signals김정태Article
2019On Sharing an FIB Table in Named Data Networking임혜숙Article
2019Analysis of operation characteristics of junctionless poly-Si 1T-DRAM in accumulation mode신형순; 선우경Article
2019Joint Banknote Recognition and Counterfeit Detection Using Explainable Artificial Intelligence김정태Article
2019Distributed topology design for network coding deployed networks박형곤Article
2019Memristor Neural Network Training with Clock Synchronous Neuromorphic System신형순; 박준희; 선우경Article