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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2005Binary searches on multiple small trees for IP address lookup임혜숙Article
2005Advanced HSPICE macromodel for magnetic tunnel junction신형순; 이승준Conference Paper
2005Efficient frequency-domain simulation technique for short-channel MOSFET신형순Article
2005Efficient binary search for IP address lookup임혜숙Article
2018Disposable MEMS optrode array integrated with single LED for neurostimulation지창현Article
20041-Gb/s 80-dBΩ fully differential CMOS transimpedance amplifier in multichip on oxide technology for optical interconnects박성민Article
2004Analysis of 2-D quantum effects in the poly-gate and their impact on the short-channel effects in double-gate MOSFETs via the density-gradient method신형순Article
2004A new weight redistribution technique for electron-electron scattering in the MC simulation신형순Article
2004Intensity-Based Image Registration Using Robust Correlation Coefficients김정태Article
2018New modeling method for the dielectric relaxation of a DRAM cell capacitor신형순; 선우경Article; Proceedings Paper
2018Read margin analysis of crossbar arrays using the cell-variability-aware simulation method신형순Article; Proceedings Paper
2018Impact-based piezoelectric vibration energy harvester지창현Article
2018PAPRR eduction in the FBMC-OQAM System via Segment-Based Optimization김정호Article
2018Error rate of automated calculation for wound surface area using a digital photography이병욱Article
2017Portable cyanobacteria detection fluorometer with current-conveyor transimpedance amplifiers박성민Article
2017Selected data utilization technique for the PAPR reduction of FBMC-OQAM signals김정호Conference Paper
2017An architecture of IPTV networks based on network coding박형곤Conference Paper
2017Implementation of network coding algorithm for single queue with single memory devices박형곤Conference Paper
2017Network coding-based distributed network formation game for multi-source multicast networks박형곤Conference Paper
2017Design of low complexity human anxiety classification model based on machine learning박형곤Article