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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Ternary bloom filter replacing counting bloom filter임혜숙Conference Paper
2017A new name prefix trie with path compression임혜숙Conference Paper
2017Ternary bloom filter replacing counting bloom filter임혜숙Article
2017A new method for determining the Subgap Density of States in n-/p-Type Low-Temperature polycrystalline-silicon thin-film transistors신형순Article
2017A Guideline for electron mobility enhancement in uniaxially-strained (100)/(100) and (110)/(110) fin field effect transistors신형순Article
2017In-Place Calibration with Single Measurement in Time-Domain Microwave Breast Imaging이승준Article
2017Prediction of the seizure suppression effect by electrical stimulation via a computational modeling approach이승준; 이향운; 전상범Article
2018Analysis of read margin of crossbar array according to selector and resistor variation신형순; 선우경Conference Paper
2018Functional bloom filter, better than hash tables임혜숙Conference Paper
2018Systematic network coding based reliable real-time multimedia streaming system박형곤Conference Paper
2018Ensemble of binary tree structured deep convolutional network for image classification강제원Conference Paper
2017Head pose estimation using random forest and texture analysis강제원Conference Paper
2017Sample-adaptive-prediction for HEVC SCC intra coding with ridge estimation from spatially neighboring samples강제원Conference Paper
2017Analysis on decoding error rate of systematic network coding박형곤Conference Paper
2017A new Bloom filter structure for identifying true positiveness of a Bloom filter임혜숙; 이정원Conference Paper
2017Fast computation of projection image based on the repeated patterns of intersection between ray and voxel김정태Article
2017Piezoelectric vibration energy harvester using indirect impact지창현Article
2017Power allocation games for cooperative coordinated multipoint transmission scheme박형곤Conference Paper
2017A pupil data based classification model for education learning states박형곤Conference Paper
2018Disposable MEMS optrode array integrated with single LED for neurostimulation전상범; 지창현Article