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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019A new bloom filter architecture for FIB lookup in named data networking임혜숙Article
2019Carbon-Fiber Based Microelectrode Array Embedded with a Biodegradable Silk Support for In Vivo Neural Recording전상범Article
2019Analysis of Cell Variability Impact on a 3-D Vertical RRAM (VRRAM) Crossbar Array Using a Modified Lumping Method신형순Article
2018Bitmap-based priority-NPT for packet forwarding at named data network임혜숙Article
2018A CMOS Dual-mode High-dynamic-range Wideband Receiver RF Front-end박성민Article
2018Estrogen reinforces barrier formation and protects against tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced barrier dysfunction in oral epithelial cells박성민Article
2018Performance Analysis of 3D Localization for a Launch Vehicle Using TOA, AOA, and TDOA김정호Article
2018Electromagnetic 2D Scanning Micromirror for High Definition Laser Projection Displays지창현Article
2018Novel Interference Cancellation of Channel Estimation Scheme Based on LTE in V2V Communications김정호Article
2018A CMOS high-performance inductorless ring VCO with extended monotonic tuning voltage range박성민Article
2000Fast cell search algorithm using code block CPM in asynchronous W-CDMA system김낙명Conference Paper
2001An enhanced adaptive time slot assignment using access statistics in TD/CDMA TDD system김낙명Conference Paper
2001Conformance test of MPEG-4 shape decoding이병욱Conference Paper
2018High-reflectivity electromagnetic two-axis microscanner using dielectric multi-layer reflective surface지창현Article
2018A 4-Channel 8-Gb/s/ch VCSEL driver array박성민Article
2018Direction Vector-Based Algorithm for the Nash Bargaining Solution in Dynamic Networks박형곤Article
20183D Localization for Launch Vehicle Using Virtual TOA and AOA of Ground Stations김정호Article
2018A Linear-Mode LiDAR Sensor Using a Multi-Channel CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier Array박성민; 김지훈Article
2018Adaptive Channel Estimation Scheme Based on LTE Uplink in V2V Environments김정호Article
2018Machine Learning-Based Fast Angular Prediction Mode Decision Technique in Video Coding강제원Article