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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018A CMOS symmetric self-biased voltage reference박성민Article
2018A Linear-Mode LiDAR Sensor Using a Multi-Channel CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier Array박성민; 김지훈Article
2018A Wide-gain-range Intermediate Frequency Integrated Circuit for a Superheterodyne Receiver박성민Article
20183D Localization for Launch Vehicle Using Virtual TOA and AOA of Ground Stations김정호Article
2018Adaptive Channel Estimation Scheme Based on LTE Uplink in V2V Environments김정호Article
2018Machine Learning-Based Fast Angular Prediction Mode Decision Technique in Video Coding강제원Article
2018Direction Vector-Based Algorithm for the Nash Bargaining Solution in Dynamic Networks박형곤Article
2004A 1.25-Gb/s CMOS burst-mode optical receiver with automatic level restoration for PON applications박성민Conference Paper
2018Disposable MEMS optrode array integrated with single LED for neurostimulation지창현Article
2018High-reflectivity electromagnetic two-axis microscanner using dielectric multi-layer reflective surface지창현Article
2018A 4-Channel 8-Gb/s/ch VCSEL Driver Array박성민Article
2003Pre-rake assisted rake receiver for TDD WCDMA system김낙명Conference Paper
2007A 4-channel 12.5Gb/s common-gate transimpedance amplifier array for DVI/HDMI applications박성민Conference Paper
2007A 1Gb/s optical transceiver array chipset for automotive wired interconnects박성민Conference Paper
1996Unified model for junction size, substrate doping, and energy dependence of α-particle-induced charge collection신형순Article
1999Error sensitivity of rotation angles in the ICP algorithm이병욱Article
2004Performance evaluation of an alternative IP lookup scheme for implementing high-speed routers김정호Article
2004Hybrid call admission control scheme supporting voice/video/packet data services with W-CDMA downlink power allocations지윤규; 김정호Conference Paper
2003Performance analysis of an IP lookup algorithm for high speed router systems김정호Article
2005Circuits for high-speed links and clock generators박성민Editorial