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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018A performance comparison between the two language versions of the Affective Go/No-Go test: A randomised crossover study신경식; 김지은; 윤수정; 김정윤Article
2018Financial Knowledge and Household Saving: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances여윤경Article
2019Hierarchical convolutional neural networks for fashion image classification신경식Article
2018Largest Shareholder Ownership and Downward Real-activity Earnings Management in Korean Seasoned Equity Offerings Firms변진호Article
2018The contingency value of the partner firm's customer assets in a business-to-business relationship이종국Article
2018Excess offer premium and acquirers’ performance변진호Article
2005PPSS: CBR system for ERP project pre-planning신경식Conference Paper
2005An application of support vector machines for customer churn analysis: Credit card case신경식; 박경도Conference Paper
2018The Dark Side of Wars for Talent and Layoffs: Evidence from Korean Firms안지영; 조희정Article
2018A long-term capacity expansion planning model for an electric power system integrating large-size renewable energy technologies민대기Article
2018International transmission of risk factor movements: The case of developed markets최형석Article
2019Brand name fluency and perceptions of water purity and taste조혜정Article
2018Swapping inventory between competing firms박승재Article
2018Is individual trading priced in stocks?최문섭Article
2018Economic Value Assessment and Optimal Sizing of an Energy Storage System in a Grid-Connected Wind Farm민대기Article
2018Spatial heterogeneity of country-of-origin effects within a country: analysis of online review ratings in the US car market이종국Review
2002The internet, value chain visibility, and learning양희동Article
2004Support vector machines approach to pattern detection in bankruptcy prediction and its contingency신경식; 김현정Article
2004Neuro-genetic approach for bankruptcy prediction modeling신경식Article