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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Study on the Slant-Path Effect in the Simulation of Clear-Sky Thermal Radiance for the GK2A AMI안명환; 이수정Article
2023Turbulent characteristics in complex coastal areas assessed using BSWO observations and WRF-LES simulation results안명환Article
2023Machine-learning-based prediction of oil recovery factor for experimental CO2-Foam chemical EOR: Implications for carbon utilization projects민배현Article
2023A short-term forecasting of wind power outputs using the enhanced wavelet transform and arimax techniques허진Article
2023The Global/Regional Integrated Model System (GRIMs): an Update and Seasonal Evaluation유창현; 김정은Article
2023Black Start and Grid Synchronization Effect Study on GFM IBR-based Power System허진Article
2023Numerical investigation of CO2-carbonated water-alternating-gas on enhanced oil recovery and geological carbon storage민배현; 김민Article
2023Radiative effects of observationally constrained tropical upper-level clouds in a radiative-convective equilibrium model최용상Article
-Economic analysis of the circular economy based on waste plastic pyrolysis oil: a case of the university campus이상훈Article; Early Access
2023Interdecadal change in the relationship between the western North Pacific subtropical high and the ENSO유창현; 김정은Article
2023A Short-Term Forecasting of Wind Power Outputs Based on Gradient Boosting Regression Tree Algorithms허진Article
2023The First 30 Years of GEWEX안명환Article
2023The precipitation distribution set by eddy fluxes: the case of boreal winter유창현Article
2023Flash drought drives rapid vegetation stress in arid regions in Europe박선기; 오승민Article
2023Spectral replacement using machine learning methods for continuous mapping of the Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS)안명환Article
2023A probabilistic approach to potential estimation of renewable energy resources based on augmented spatial interpolation허진Article
2023Multi-lateral horizontal well with dual-tubing system to improve CO2 storage security and reduce CCS cost민배현; 김민Article
2023Intrinsic atmospheric circulation patterns associated with high PM2.5 concentration days in South Korea during the cold season유창현Article
2022Exploring the relationship between temperature forecast errors and Earth system variables오승민Article
2022Assessment of Geo-Kompsat-2A Atmospheric Motion Vector Data and Its Assimilation Impact in the GEOS Atmospheric Data Assimilation System박선기; 이은희Article