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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Multi-well placement optimisation using sequential artificial neural networks and multi-level grid system민배현Article
2021Probabilistic estimation model of power curve to enhance power output forecasting of wind generating resources허진Article
2020Analysis of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation Using a Mixed Mode and a Uniaxial Strain Model considering Geomechanical Properties in a Naturally Fractured Shale Reservoir민배현; 장영호Article
2021Probabilistic Estimation of Wind Generating Resources Based on the Spatio-Temporal Penetration Scenarios for Power Grid Expansions허진Article
2021Predictability of PM2.5 in Seoul based on atmospheric blocking forecasts using the NCEP global forecast system유창현Article
2021Determination of oil well placement using convolutional neural network coupled with robust optimization under geological uncertainty민배현; 장영호Article
2021Process-based analysis of relative contributions to the multi-model warming projection over East Asia최용상Article
2020Invariability of Arctic Top-of-Atmosphere Radiative Response to Surface Temperature Changes최용상Article
2020A Probabilistic Modeling Based on Monte Carlo Simulation of Wind Powered EV Charging Stations for Steady-States Security Analysis허진Article
2020Determination of an infill well placement using a data-driven multi-modal convolutional neural network민배현Article
2020Statistical prediction of Sri Lankan rainfall during October to December유창현Article
2020Characteristics of the North Pacific Oscillation in CMIP5 Models in Relation to Atmospheric Mean States유창현Article
2020Spectral Calibration Algorithm for the Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS)안명환Article
2020Optimal Energy Storage Sizing With Battery Augmentation for Renewable-Plus-Storage Power Plants허진Article
2020Probabilistic Approaches to the Security Analysis of Smart Grid with High Wind Penetration: The Case of Jeju Island's Power Grids허진Article
2019A Positive Iris Feedback: Insights from Climate Simulations with Temperature-Sensitive Cloud-Rain Conversion최용상Article
2020Effect of Arctic clouds on the ice-albedo feedback in midsummer최용상Article
2020Efficient Ensemble-Based Stochastic Gradient Methods for Optimization Under Geological Uncertainty민배현Article
2020A Hybrid Optimization Methodology Identifying Optimal Operating Conditions for Carbon Dioxide Injection in Geologic Carbon Sequestration민배현Article
2020On the cloud radiative effect for tropical high clouds overlying low clouds최용상Article