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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021Systematic Analysis of Wind Resources for Eolic Potential in Bangladesh박선기Article
2022A Practical Metric to Evaluate the Ramp Events of Wind Generating Resources to Enhance the Security of Smart Energy Systems허진Article
2022Markov Chain Analysis of Rainfall over East Asia: Unusual Frequency, Persistence, and Entropy in the Summer 2020최용상; 유창현; 김정은; 이윤경Article
2022The Madden-Julian Oscillation in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model Version 1유창현Article
2022The Iris Effect: A Review최용상Review
2021A Study on Practical Generation Resource Mix Using the Enhanced Screening Curve Method허진Article
2022Efficient deep-learning-based history matching for fluvial channel reservoirs민배현Article
2022Characteristics of the Spectral Response Function of Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer Analyzed by Ground and In-Orbit Measurements안명환Article
2022Incremental Learning with Neural Network Algorithm for the Monitoring Pre-Convective Environments Using Geostationary Imager안명환Article
2021Synergistic Benefits of Intercomparison Between Simulated and Measured Radiances of Imagers Onboard Geostationary Satellites안명환Article
2021A Short-Term Power Output Forecasting Based on Augmented Naive Bayes Classifiers for High Wind Power Penetrations허진Article
2021Tropical teleconnection impacts on Antarctic climate changes유창현Review
2021Effective Disaster Measures for Cambodia: Implications from Focus Group Interview with Potential Young Professionals in Cambodia최용상Article
2021Enhancing Subseasonal Temperature Prediction by Bridging a Statistical Model With Dynamical Arctic Oscillation Forecasting유창현Article
2021Modelling hydrocarbon generation and migration in tertiary source rocks of deepwater, Phu Khanh Basin, offshore Vietnam민배현Article
2021Probabilistic power output model of wind generating resources for network congestion management허진Article
2021Potential capacity factor estimates of wind generating resources for transmission planning허진Article
2021Probabilistic modeling of wind energy potential for power grid expansion planning허진Article
2021Evaluation of subseasonal impacts of the MJO/BSISO in the East Asian extended summer유창현Article
2021Cold-season atmospheric conditions associated with sudden changes in PM10 concentration over Seoul, Korea최용상; 유창현Article