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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022Nonlinear Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Columns under Cyclic Loading김철구Article
2022Safety Management Guidelines for Precast Concrete Production Plants Using Importance-Performance Analysis손정욱; 황성주Article
2022Extended technology acceptance model to explain the mechanism of modular construction adoption황성주Article
2022Time-series analysis of the effects of building and household features on residential end-use energy송승영Article
2022Shear Bond Strength between ALC and Thin-Bed Mortar Strengthened with Glass Fiber Mesh김철구Article
2022Determinants of residential end-use energy: Effects of buildings, sociodemographics, and household appliances송승영Article
2021The Feasibility of Information-Entropy-Based Behavioral Analysis for Detecting Environmental Barriers황성주Article
2021Agent-embedded system dynamics (aeSD) modeling approach for analyzing worker policies: a research case on construction worker absenteeism황성주Article
2021Compressive tests of mortar-filled small rectangular hollow section members for long-span roof trusses김철구Article
2021Fair Practice Evaluation Model for Public Construction Projects: Focusing on the Korean Construction Market손정욱Article
2021Insulation Performance Comparison of Curtain Wall Systems with Existing Pipe Frames and Truss-Shaped Insulation Frames송승영Article
2021Construction Disputes and Associated Contractual Knowledge Discovery Using Unstructured Text-Heavy Data: Legal Cases in the United Kingdom이준성Article
2021Understanding the impact of the walking environment on pedestrian perception and comprehension of the situation황성주Article
2021Identifying and comparing vacant housing determinants across South Korean cities박윤미Article
2021Identifying shoplifting behaviors and inferring behavior intention based on human action detection and sequence analysis황성주Article
2020Detailed Office Building Energy Information Based on In Situ Measurements송승영Article
2021Validity assessment of a single tooth model in clenching and chewing simulations김희선Article
2021Classifying the level of bid price volatility based on machine learning with parameters from bid documents as risk factors이준성; 손정욱Article
2021Happy neighborhoods: Investigating neighborhood conditions and sentiments of a shrinking city with Twitter data박윤미Article
2021Relationship between rework of engineering drawing tasks and stress level measured from physiological signals황성주Article