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dc.description.abstractIn our research, we isolated one fungus from Panax ginseng. We conducted screening on the fungus. Three known compounds, acremonidin E, citrinin, pinselin, were isolated from Penicillium sp. The biological activity of acremonidin E, citrinin were investigated for the inhibition of melanogenesis and antioxidant activity. Only acremonidin E showed potent anti-melanogensis activity. The antioxidant activity of acremonidin E, citrinin were investigated through Nrf2 activation. Only acremonidin E showed potent anti-melanogensis activity. We screened for Nrf2 activators and evaluated the effect of acremonidin E, citrinin on Nrf2 activation by PathHunter Assay Complete U20S cell culture keap-Nrf2 assay. U20S cell were sensitive to the effects of citrinin with EC50s 17.81 μM, acremonidine E with EC50s ~30 μM. Also, research on four endophytic fungi and Bacillus sp., Three known compounds, terrein and butyrolactone derivatives were isolated from Glycine max-derived fungus Aspergillus sp. Three known compounds, anthranilic acid, methyl benzoate, 2(2-phenylacetamido)benzoic acid were isolated from Bacillus sp. isolated from Konosirus punctatus. Known compound macrolactin A was purified from fungus Tremella aurantialba sp. Known compound trichodiverol was isolated from fungus T Acremonium sp. Structure elucidation of all the compounds isolated was performed by analysis of LC-MS and NMR data.;본 연구에서 인삼으로부터 곰팡이를 분리, 스크리닝하여 얻은 Penicillium sp.으로부터 세개의 알려진 물질인 acremonidin E, citrinin, pinselin을 분리하였다. LC-MS와 NMR(1H, 13C, COSY, HMBC, HSQC)를 수행하여 구조를 규명하였다. 추가적으로 acremonidin E, citrinin의 멜라닌형성 저해활성과 항산화활성 실험을 진행하였다. acremonidin E에서만 강한 멜라닌형성 저해활성을 보였다. acremonidin E, citrinin의 Nrf2활성 실험을 U20S cell culture keap-Nrf2 assay를 통해 시행하였다. 각각 acremonidin E은 EC50s ~30 μM, Citrinin은 EC50s 17.81 μM 활성을 보였다. 총 4개의 내성 곰팡이와 Bacillus sp로부터 천연물을 분리, 정제하였다. 콩(Glycine max)으로부터 분리된 곰팡이 Aspergillus sp. 로부터 3개의 알려진 물질인 terrein과 butyrolactone의 유도체(Butyrolactone I, Butyrolactone II)를 분리하였다. 전어(Konosirus punctatus)로부터 분리 된 Bacillus sp. 균주로부터 세개의 알려진 물질 anthranilic acid, methyl benzoate, 2(2-phenylacetamido)benzoic acid를 분리하였다. 곰팡이 Tremella aurantialba로부터 macrolactin A를 분리하였다. 곰팡이 Acremonium sp. 로부터 trichodiverol을 분리하였다.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsIII. Chapter 1. Introduction 1 A. Natural Products from the endophytic fungi 1 IV. Chapter 2. panax ginseng-derived fungus Penicillium sp 10 A. Introduction 10 B. Results and Discussion 11 1. Strucutre Elucidation 11 C. Experimental Section 18 1. Instruments and Data collection 18 2. Biological activity 19 3. Fungal Strain 19 4. Fermentation and Extraction 20 5. Isolation 20 Appendix 21 References 51 List of Supplement Figure 56 국문초록 75-
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dc.titleIdentification of Secondary Metabolites from four endophytic fungi and Bacillus sp.-
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