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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
20213D Non-Rigid Alignment of Low-Dose Scans Allows to Correct for Saturation in Lower Extremity Cone-Beam CT최장환Article
2021A Sequential and Intensive Weighted Language Modeling Scheme for Multi-Task Learning-Based Natural Language Understanding최장환Article
2021Ensuring both velocity and spatial responses robust to B-0/B-1(+) field inhomogeneities for velocity-selective arterial spin labeling through dynamic phase-cycling신태훈Article
2020Force attenuation properties of shear-thickening polymer (STP)-based hip protector in simulated sideways fall이태용Article
2020The effect of patellofemoral pain syndrome on patellofemoral joint kinematics under upright weight-bearing conditions최장환Article
2019An intraoperative test device for aortic valve repair류석창Article; Proceedings Paper
2019Towards the design of mechanically superior tubular structures for microcatheters류석창Article
2019Design of a Soft Composite Finger with Adjustable Joint Stiffness류석창Article
2019Neural Efficiency of Human-Robotic Feedback Modalities Under Stress Differs With Gender류석창Article
2019Performance Evaluation of Optically Sensorized Tendons for Articulate Surgical Instruments류석창Article
2020Non-contrast-enhanced abdominal MRA at 3 T using velocity-selective pulse trains신태훈Article
2020Perceived Dark Rim Artifact in First-Pass Myocardial Perfusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging Due to Visual Illusion신태훈Article
2020Flow Homogenization Enables a Massively Parallel Fluidic Design for High-Throughput and Multiplexed Cell Isolation이정록Article
2020Identification of potential plantar ulceration among diabetes patients using plantar soft tissue stiffness이태용Article
2020Improved acceleration of phase-contrast flow imaging with magnitude difference regularization신태훈Article
2020Electrically-Evoked Proximity Sensation Can Enhance Fine Finger Control in Telerobotic Pinch류석창Article
2014Three-Dimensional Magnetization-Prepared Imaging Using a Concentric Cylinders Trajectory신태훈Article
2014Rapid Single-Breath-Hold 3D Late Gadolinium Enhancement Cardiac MRI Using a Stack-of-Spirals Acquisition신태훈Article
2015High performance wash-free magnetic bioassays through microfluidically enhanced particle specificity이정록Article
2015Comparative Effects of Ibandronate and Paclitaxel on Immunocompetent Bone Metastasis Model이태용Article