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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Effects of Tissue Relaxation, Eddy currents, and Acceleration on Velocity-Selective Preparation Pulses신태훈Article
2023Single and Multiple Gate Design Optimization Algorithm for Improving the Effectiveness of Fiber Reinforcement in the Thermoplastic Injection Molding Process이태용; Luca QuagliatoArticle
2023Annotation-Efficient Deep Learning Model for Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis and Classification Using CT Images: A Retrospective Diagnostic Study최장환Article
2023From Brittle to Ductile: Symmetry Breaking in Strut-Based Architected Materials이상륜Article
2023Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning Based on Segmentation of Geometric Pseudo-Shapes for Transformer-Based Medical Tasks최장환Article
2023Deep Learning Accelerated Design of Mechanically Efficient Architected Materials이상륜Article
2023Botulinum neurotoxin type A improves vasti muscle balance, patellar tracking, and pain in patients with chronic patellofemoral pain최장환Article
2023Real-time temperature correction for magnetoresistive biosensors integrated with temperature modulator이정록Article
2023Spatially and velocity-selective magnetization preparation for noncontrast-enhanced peripheral MR angiography신태훈Article
2023MM-Net: Multiframe and Multimask-Based Unsupervised Deep Denoising for Low-Dose Computed Tomography최장환Article
2023Whole-Neck Non-Contrast-Enhanced MR Angiography Using Velocity Selective Magnetization Preparation신태훈Article
2023Greenhouse gas reduction and economic cost of technologies using green hydrogen in the steel industry최원재Article
2023Counter-Rotating Hoop Stabilizer and SVR Control for Two-Wheels Vehicle Applications이태용; Luca QuagliatoArticle
2022The origin of high-velocity impact response and damage mechanisms for bioinspired composites이상륜Article
2023Velocity-selective excitation: Principles and applications신태훈Review
2023Extreme gradient boosting-inspired process optimization algorithm for manufacturing engineering applications이태용; Luca QuagliatoArticle
2022No-reference perceptual CT image quality assessment based on a self-supervised learning framework최장환Article
2022Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Low-Dose Computed Tomography Denoising최장환Article
2022Acquisition of a single grid-based phase-contrast X-ray image using instantaneous frequency and noise filtering최장환Article
2022A Reactor Train System for Efficient Solar Thermochemical Fuel Production최원재Article