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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022Rigid and Non-Rigid Motion Compensation in Weight-Bearing CBCT of the Knee Using Simulated Inertial Measurements최장환Article
2022Effects of shear-thickening polymer on force attenuation capacities in hip protectors이태용Article
2022FEA Modeling of Soft Tissue Interaction for Active Needles With a Rotational Tip Joint류석창; Luca QuagliatoArticle
2022Well-to-wheel nitrogen oxide emissions from internal combustion engine vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles reflect real driving emissions and various fuel production pathways in South Korea최원재Article
2022Object detectors involving a NAS-gate convolutional module and capsule attention module최장환Article
2022Pinching Force Changes by Modulating the Interaction Gain Over the Fingertip류석창Article
2021Cycling kinematics in healthy adults for musculoskeletal rehabilitation guidance이태용Article
2022FID-calibrated simultaneous multi-slice fast spin echo with long trains of hard pulses신태훈Article
2021Integration of 2D iteration and a 3D CNN-based model for multi-type artifact suppression in C-arm cone-beam CT최장환Article
2021Brain MRI radiomics analysis may predict poor psychomotor outcome in preterm neonates신태훈Article
2021Relationship between ankle varus moment during gait and radiographic measurements in patients with medial ankle osteoarthritis이태용Article
20213D Non-Rigid Alignment of Low-Dose Scans Allows to Correct for Saturation in Lower Extremity Cone-Beam CT최장환Article
2021A sequential and intensive weighted language modeling scheme for multi-task learning-based natural language understanding최장환Article
2021Ensuring both velocity and spatial responses robust to B0/B1+ field inhomogeneities for velocity-selective arterial spin labeling through dynamic phase-cycling신태훈Article
2020Force attenuation properties of shear-thickening polymer (STP)-based hip protector in simulated sideways fall이태용Article
2020The effect of patellofemoral pain syndrome on patellofemoral joint kinematics under upright weight-bearing conditions최장환Article
2019An intraoperative test device for aortic valve repair류석창Article; Proceedings Paper
2019Towards the design of mechanically superior tubular structures for microcatheters류석창Article
2019Design of a Soft Composite Finger with Adjustable Joint Stiffness류석창Article
2019Neural Efficiency of Human-Robotic Feedback Modalities Under Stress Differs With Gender류석창Article