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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Hemispherical Microelectrode Array for Retinal Neural Interface하윤희Master's Thesis
2021Latitude-aware Convolution을 이용한 참조 영상 기반 360도 영상 초해상화김희재Master's Thesis
2021Optimization Method for the Memory Performance of Poly-Si 1T-DRAM유송이Master's Thesis
2021Circuit Implementation of Multibit-generating Memristive Physical Unclonable Function최서연Master's Thesis
2021DRAM-Aware Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication Accelerator with Transaction-Level Scheduling김현지Master's Thesis
2021Fault-Location-Aware Fault-Tolerant Deep Learning Accelerator for Resource-Constrained Devices박선영Master's Thesis
2020Fully Differential CMOS Transimpedance Amplifiers for LiDAR Applications박윤지Master's Thesis
2020CMOS Current-Conveyor Transimpedance Amplifiers for LiDAR Applications윤다슬Master's Thesis
2020Deep Learning based People Counting using Heatmap Images generated from Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radars박지민Master's Thesis
2019Microfabrication of Planar Multielectrode Array using Laser-patterned ITO and SU-8정희수Master's Thesis
2019Learning to Detect Cracks on Concrete Surfaces Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network이지은Master's Thesis
2018Clock Synchronous Multilayer Neuromorphic Hardware System and Hardware Optimized Guide Training Algorithm조수민Master's Thesis
2020Analysis of the transient characteristics of poly-Si 1T-DRAM김현정Master's Thesis
2020Wafer Defect Detection using Pixel Shifting and Deep Learning서지현Master's Thesis
20206 자유도 전방위 몰입형 비디오의 압축 코덱 개발 및 성능 분석박현수Master's Thesis
2020Analytical Model of Poly-Si channel SOI-JLFET정용진Master's Thesis
2020IR-UWB 레이더 신호와 기계학습을 이용한 호흡 기반의 인원 계수 시스템이효림Master's Thesis
2020Deep Learning and Knowledge Distillation based Flare Detection for Camera Module Inspection김경실Master's Thesis
2020Reconstruction of Radar Images Based on Movements and Respirations Measured by Multiple IR-UWB Radars하태형Master's Thesis
2020Low Complexity Nash Bargaining Solution Algorithm for Time Resource Allocation in V2I Multimedia Communication Systems조선우Master's Thesis