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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2024Compression Artifact Reduction Network for Multi-View Video Contents이연진Master's Thesis
2024Scenario-Based System-on-Chip Performance Analysis on Virtual Platform for Edge Devices임재윤Master's Thesis
2024Spectra-preserving Neural Representations for Videos이지후Master's Thesis
2024Cohesive Team Formation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks based on Curriculum Reinforcement Learning김나영Master's Thesis
2024A Current-Mode VCSEL Driver in 180nm CMOS for Short Range LiDAR SensorsZhang, XinyueMaster's Thesis
2024A Memory-Centric Architecture for Energy-Efficient Vision Transformer based on High Bandwidth Memory함은경Master's Thesis
2024A Scalable RISC-V Vector Processor for Edge AI Devices전유진Master's Thesis
2023Integration of Object Detection and Pixel-wise Segmentation for OLED Panel Inspection백지원Master's Thesis
2023조명 스펙트럼 복원을 위한 다중분광 학습 데이터 생성 및 딥러닝 알고리즘 개발김지원Master's Thesis
2023A Programmable Crypto-Processor for Post-Quantum Cryptography Based on RISC-V Architecture이지혜Master's Thesis
2023CMOS Optoelectronic Transimpedance Amplifiers with On-Chip APDs for LiDAR SensorsHu, YuMaster's Thesis
2023Pt/Ti/TiOx/Al2O3/Pt/Ti 멤리스터 소자의 I-V 특성 구현을 위한 통합 모델정해리Master's Thesis
2023질의응답 사전 학습 및 메모리 뱅크를 이용한 비디오 리트리벌 성능 개선김현지Master's Thesis
2023Future Object Localization in Autonomous Driving through Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion조서영Master's Thesis
2023Transprecision PageRank Architecture with Multi-Mode Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication김휘진Master's Thesis
2022Layer-Wise Precision Exploration for Lightweight Deep Neural Networks on Edge Devices김하나Master's Thesis
2022Deep Learning-based Multi-view Image Enhancement전규리Master's Thesis
2022CMOS Optoelectronic Receivers for Indoor LiDAR Sensors주지은Master's Thesis
2022블룸필터를 활용한 효과적인 조화 알고리즘이승은Master's Thesis
2022딥러닝을 이용한 화질 적응적 영상 압축 잡음 제거함유진Master's Thesis