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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023A Study on the Ensemble Forecasting Model based on Ramp Detection for Wind Generating Resources안은지Master's Thesis
2023An assessment of the impact of external forcing and internal variability on the warming of the East Asian region정다정Master's Thesis
2023Potential Improvement of GK-2A Clear-Sky Atmospheric Motion Vectors by CNN Model최화연Master's Thesis
2023Evaluation of the Hadley circulation in the present and future climate simulations of the CMIP6허이제Master's Thesis
2023Performance Evaluation of CO2 Carbonated Water-Alternating-Gas on Enhanced Oil Recovery and Geological Carbon Storage지민수Master's Thesis
2022Rain Potential of Tropical Convective Clouds Characterized by Unsupervised Clustering of Geostationary Satellite Imagery김도이Master's Thesis
2022A Study on the Development of Probabilistic Transmission Security Model for Power System Operational Planning with High Renewable Energy PenetrationKim, Gyeong MinMaster's Thesis
2021물리검층 자료의 딥러닝 기반 해석을 통한 저류층 인자의 고해상도 평가박가영Master's Thesis
2021Sensitivity Analysis of Heavy Rainfall Events on Physical Parameterization Configurations Using WRF-ARW Model over MyanmarNaing, Su MyatMaster's Thesis
2021Trend and variability of extreme temperature in MongoliaNyamjantsan, BaljinnyamMaster's Thesis
2021Cold-season atmospheric conditions associated with sudden changes in PM10 concentration over Seoul, Korea조민정Master's Thesis
2020The effect of solar zenith angle on satellite cloud retrievals using O2-O2 absorption band김규연Master's Thesis
2020Potential of deep convective clouds for calibration of geostationary UV/VIS hyperspectral spectrometer이예은Master's Thesis
2020Evaluation of rainfall using SEVIRI data and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) in Northern EthiopiaTESFAY, TIRHAS ABRAHAMaster's Thesis
2020On the cloud radiative effect for tropical high clouds overlying low clouds강효지Master's Thesis
2019봄, 겨울 블로킹이 한국 PM10 농도에 끼치는 영향윤숙경Master's Thesis
2019위성관측운량의 보정을 위한 알고리즘의 개발손지영Master's Thesis
2019Predictability of Northern Hemisphere Teleconnection Patterns in GloSea5 Hindcast Experiments up to 6 Weeks김도경Master's Thesis
2019Statistical Forecast of Subseasonal Winter Precipitation based on the Arctic Oscillation김민주Master's Thesis
2018Numerical Investigation of the Heat Wave over the Korean Peninsula in Summer 2016 Using WRFYujin JuhnMaster's Thesis