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20세기 한국과 대만의 현대무용 비교고찰

20세기 한국과 대만의 현대무용 비교고찰
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A Comparative Study of Modern Dance in Korea and Taiwan in the 20th century Focusing on the lives and work of Choi Seung-hee and Tsai Jui-Yueh
HSU, Tzu-Ting
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국제대학원 한국학과
이화여자대학교 국제대학원
Korea and Taiwan completed their modernization process in the 20th century. Interest in modern dance also grew in that period, and was introduced in Asia from the West. The pioneer in modern dance was the Japanese dancer Ishi-ie Baku, also known as the grandfather of Japanese modern dance. Ishi-ie Baku later founded one of the first dancing schools in Asia and started to teach students, who were coming not only from Japan, but also from various countries in Asia. Among those was the Korean dancer Choi Seung-hee and the Taiwanese dancer Tsai Jui-Yueh. After the two completed their education, they returned to their homelands, and were instrumental in the development of the art in their respective countries. This research will present the historical background of Korea and Taiwan in the 20th century, before giving an introduction of the lives of Choi Seung-hee and Tsai Jui-Yueh. Next, through the study of different styles of dance – modern dance, folk dance, as well as other styles – and that of the dance performances they created, we will identify similarities and differences in the dancing style of the two artists. Finally, we will examine the influence both dancers had, not only in the dance world, but also in the society of Korea and Taiwan.; 本論文先透過分析20世紀韓國及台灣的歷史與政治背景來帶入代表20世紀韓國及台灣的兩位舞蹈家,崔承喜及蔡瑞月。在此論文中將兩人的生平及舞蹈類型做分析與比較。兩位舞蹈家皆在日治時期赴日學舞並在世界享有高知名度,且將現代舞蹈、民族舞蹈等發揚光大,一同成為20世紀引領韓國及台灣舞蹈界,以及開創新舞風的重要人物。 第三章節主要對兩位舞蹈家的生平做介紹,並找出他們的共通點與差異點,來分析他們對韓國、台灣社會及舞蹈界的重要性。崔承喜的生平介紹主要分為四個時期,「幼年時期」(1911-1926);「日本留學及活動初期」(1926-1933);「海外公演及全盛時期」(1933-1945);「北韓活動期」(1945-1969)。蔡瑞月的生平則分為五個時期,「台南時期」(1921-1937);「日本留學時期」(1937-1946);「歸國及入獄時期」(1946-1952);「出獄及持續創作期」(1952-1983);以及「晚年時期」(1983-2005)。 有了對生平差異的基本認知之後將他們的舞蹈類型分為「現代舞」、「民族舞蹈」、「其他舞蹈」來做比較及探討, 透過此種舞蹈類型的分類可以發現兩人舞蹈發展的主要歷程、作品特性、及過程之中兩人因為時代背景及其他際遇造成作品的相似與不同。 最後對於20世紀兩位舞蹈家的貢獻及發展做出結論,特別是兩人對韓國及台灣所造成的影響,最後附上兩人的生平對照表,透過對照表可以更清楚的審視兩人的活動狀況。
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