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어머니와 자녀와의 소비자행동에 관한 일연구

어머니와 자녀와의 소비자행동에 관한 일연구
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대학원 가정관리학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
本 硏究는 어머니가 子女의 滅費者行動에 미치는 影響을 알아보고 그 결과로서 家庭內 에서의 消費者敎育의 重要性을 强調하려는데 目的이 있다. 資料調査는 靑少年(中學生)과 靑少年期 의 子女를 둔 어머니를 對象으로, 質問紙를 통하여 실시되었다. 硏究問題로서 어머니의 消費者行動과 子女에 대한 어미니의 消費者敎育行動, 子女의 消費者行動을 다루었으며 마지막으로 이 세 가지의 相關關係를 밝히고자 한다. 調査結果를 要約하면 다음과 같다. 1) 어머니의 消費者行動 ① 豫算生活의 實行과 消費者保護運動에 대한 協調가 잘 이루어지지 않았다. ② 商品選擇, 商標選澤, 物件의 數量 및 거스름돈 檢査, 計量器檢査, 不良商品의 處理에 관한 行動은 健全하였으며, 品質檢査, 價格述理에 관찰 汚動은 健全하였으며, 品鎭檢査, 價格比較, 충동구매의 지양은 보통이었고, 計量에 대한 應答은 不健全한 것으로 判斷되었다. ③ 어머니의 敎育程度, 家庭의 收入程度가 높을수록 어머니의 消費者行動은 健全하였다. 2) 子女에 대한 어머니의 消費者敎育行動 ① 豫算生活과 消費節約에 대한 指導가 未洽했다. ② 指導가 충분하다고 나타난 사항은 物件의 數量 및 거스름 돈 檢査 뿐이었고, 商品選擇, 商標選擇, 品質檢査, 計量器檢査, 價格比較, 충동구매의 지양, 不良商品의 處理에 관한 事項은 指導가 보통인 것으로 判斷되었다. 3) 子女의 消費者行動 ① 豫算生活과 消費節約은 잘 實行되지 않고 있었으며 消費者保護運動에 대한 관심도 및 참여도는 매우 낮았다. ② 物件의 數量 및 거스름돈 檢査, 충동구매의 지양에 관한 행동은 健全하였으며, 商品選擇, 商標選擇, 計量器檢査, 價格比較는 보통이었고, 品質檢査는 不健全한 것으로 나타났다. ③ 어머니의 敎育程度와 家庭의 收入程度가 높을수록 子女의 消費者行動은 健全하였다. 4) 어머니의 消費者行動, 子女에 대한 어머니의 消費者敎育行動과 子女의 消費者行動과의 關係 서로 유의한 相關關係가 있었는데 즉 어머니의 消費者行動이 健全할수록 子女에 대한 敎育行動이 健全하며, 子女에 대한 敎育行動이 健全할수록 子女의 消費者行動이 健全하다. 이상의 結果로서 다음과 같은 結論을 내릴 수 있다. 첫째, 가정의 消費活動을 擔當한 어머니들이 시장에서 제공하는 재화나 용역의 질, 용도, 가격에 대한 정보나 지식의 미비로 非合理的인 消費行動을 하게되므로, 따라서 어머니를 대상으로 하는 消費者敎育의 實施가 시급하다. 둘째, 본 調査結果, 어머니의 消費者敎育行動과 子女의 消費者行動은 유의한 相關關係가 있음이 밝혀졌고, 靑少年期術의 消費者行動이 成人期勳의 消費者行動으로 이어진다는 사실을 생각할 때, 어머니의 消費者敎育은 매우 중요하다고 하겠으며, 따라서 가정에서 어머니가 靑少年期 子女에게 實施할 수 있는 消費者敎育의 內容과 그 方法에 대한 보다 廣範圍하고 專門的인 硏究가 있어야겠다. 세째, 健全하지 못한 消費者行動과 消費者敎育行動을 가진 集團의 一般的인 性格은 어머니의 敎育程度와 家庭의 收入程度가 낮았다는 사실에서 敎育程度가 낮은 어머니와 收入程度가 낮은 가정을 대상으로 集中的인 消費者敎育의 實施기 時急함을 아울러 지적할 수 있다.;The purpose of this thesis is to find out the mothert's influences over her children's consumer behavior, and consequently to emphasize the importance of consumer education in the family, based upon the findings of this investigation. The survey has been made by obtaining completad questionairs sent to adolescents (middle-school boys and girls) and to mothers with their own adolescent children. The analysis of the data from the return of the questionaires has been made in terms of the consumer behavior of mothers, their consumer education of their children, and the consumer behavior of their children, and the correlations among the three aspects have thus be clarified. The findings of the survey can be summarized like the following: 1) The Consumer Behavior of Mothers: (A) The practice of budgeting the family life and consumer protection movemrnt are not coordinated well. (B) Selections of goods, selections of trade-marks, checking numbers of articles and changes upon receipt of payment, checking measures and scales, reports on bad products have been found to br sound euough in the behavior pattens of the concarned, but replirs on examination of qualit, comtparisons of prices, and trends of impulsive purchase have been found to be average, and replies concerning the weight are discovrred to be not sound. The higher the levels of mothers' education and those of income of the family are, the more healthier the consumer behavior of mothers. 2) Motherrs'Consumer Education Behavior for their Children: (A) Guidances for budgeting the family life and for the economy of goods are not sufficiently made. (B) Satisfactory results are found only in such items as numbers of articles, and checking changes upon receiving. And in sueh items as selections of articles, selections of trade marks, qualify examinations, checking measures and scales, comparisons of prices, not purchasing impulsively, reports on poor products, the levels of consumers' awareness have been judged to be not so keen, just average. 3) Consumer Behavioral Patterns of Children: (A) The bugeted life and economy of articles are not practised satisfactorily, and the degree of awareness of consumer protection movement are discovered to be very Low. (B) Behavioral patterns of numbers of articles and checking changes upon receiving, and non-impulsive purchase are discovered to be sound, meanwhile selections of articles, selections of trade-marks, examinations of scales, price comparisons are discovered to be average, and the examinations of quality are found to be not healthy. (C) The higher are the educational level of the mother and the degree of income in thf family, the more sound are consumer behavioral patterns of chilgern. 4) The Relationships among Consumerr Behavior of Mothers, Mother's Consumer Education Behavior and Consumer Behavior of Their Children: Meaningful and singnificant correlations among them are discovered to be existant. The more sound are the consumer behavior of the mother, the more healthier are her educational behavior of children, and the more sound their educational behavior are, the healthier are the consumer behavior of children. From the findings of the survey and its analysis as shown above, the following conxlusions can be drawn: First: Since thc housewife or mother, who is apt to act illogically because of the lack of information and knowledge of articles on the market, the quality of services, and their uses and prices, it is urgent to educate mothers in terms of consume education. Second: As a result of this investigatien, it has been discovered that there exist significant correlations among mothers' consumer education behavior and that of their children. In view of the fact that consumer behavior of the adolescents are closely related to those of their later Life, consumer education on the side of mothers should be construed to be fundamentally important. Consequently, what mothers should teach their children in the period of adolescence and how to conduct consumer education should be widely studifd in a professional investigation. Third: In view of the fact that mothers' education level is closely related to the characteristics of a group where unhealthy consumer behavior and unsoud consumer education behavior exist, the practice of consumer education with low levels of education and income is most urgently needad.
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