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敎育工學理論에 對한 考察

敎育工學理論에 對한 考察
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대학원 시청각교육과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The historical background of Educational Technology as the science of education is not enough to shape up, but its influencial situation is coming up very rapidly. And apparently, we need to establish a new discipline midway between the science of learning and the day-to-day practical problem of teaching. The development of social culture and the extreme change of social system brought us the vast increase of human knowledges and, the increase of pupils offered the long-life education which differ from the traditional school education. This new discipline would require people trained in behavioral science exposed to the problems of teaching, and unafraid of devices. The different meaning of the term educational technology may simply reflect differences interest. At first, some people are more interested in audiovisual materials, which involved the effective teaching, but now, the concept of educational technology is expending into the whole process of education such as the school administration, the facilities and management, the counselling and the teaching-learning process. Thus I am trying to define the followings; a. The fundamental concept of Educational Technology. b. The domain of Educational Technology. (1) The practical field. (2) The theoretical field. c. Verbal and non-verbal as the problem of Audiovisual Communication. Especiallye on the matter of man machine system analysis. This study refered to the journals of Educational Technology in U.S.A., Japan and Korea. In 1963, the committee on the definition and terminology, AECT(Association for Educational Communications and Technology), NEA in AV Communications is that branch of educational theory and practice concerned primarily with the d esign and use of messages which control the learning process. In here, we can easily find out some conceptual influences of educational technology. The results of simple point of view on the effectiveness of AV materials brought us many difficulties on teaching-learning process. This process consist of the element of teacher, teaching materials and media. The system approach to instruction is broadly concerned with all elements of instruction. An educational technology cannot thrive unless it can develop its own principles and its own techniques. The systematic analysis of learner should be studied in the field of educational technology here. The sphere of Educational Technology is followings; (1) The field of technical science (2) The field of information science (3) The field of behavioral science (4) The field of human engineering or cybernetics And the following items are showing the broader concept of educational technology. Ⅰ. The field of technical science Technical approach on the development of Hardware. The approach of information science on the development of Software. Ⅱ. The field of behavioral science Studying of communication theory and the method of AV education. Informationn theory. Theory of human learning. Theory of behavioral science. Ⅲ. The field of educational technology production and invention of Teaching Machine. Utilization and adaptation of information science. Study on the effectiveness of educational method by behavioral sciences. Development of educational environment and facilities by human engineering. The emphasis of educational technology is on student achievement, so educational technology usually is concerned with individualizing instruction. It permits each student to assimilate the materials at his own pace so that learning becomes a completely individualized experience. Educational technology blends the science of learning with the art of teaching. each extreme by itself is insufficient to achieve the goals. But to deny that teaching and learning are both an art and a science is to deny both the man and the machine which are the fundamental elements of educational technology. Thus we, educators who are usually conservative, should challenge to the dynamical movement of educational process and search for the educational innovation by ourselves.
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