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멜라닌세포 배양시 세포내 cyclic AMP와 단백질 변화에 관한 연구

멜라닌세포 배양시 세포내 cyclic AMP와 단백질 변화에 관한 연구
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(The) Study of intracellular cyclic AMP and protein in cultured human melanocytes
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대학원 의학과
멜라닌세포배양cyclic AMP단백질
이화여자대학교 대학원
피부 질환중 멜라닌세포의 감소를 보이는 질환의 치료를 위하여 배양된 멜라닌세포를 이식하거나 환부에서 멜라닌량을 증가시키는데 기초적인 지견을 얻고자 정상 성인 피부의 표피로부터 멜라닌세포를 분리하여 1주부터 7주까지 배양하는 기간중 1주간격으로 멜라닌세포의 cyclic AMP농도와 단백질량을 측정하였다. 1. cyclic AMP 농도는 멜라닌세포의 배양 1주부터 3주까지 점차 상승하여 3주에 최고치인 8.10×10^(-5) pmoles/cell와 0.85 pmoles/mg of protein에 달하여 배양 1주보다 2.88배와 1.73배 상승하였다. 그러나, 배양 3주부터 7주까지는 점차 감소하였다. 2. 단백질 생합성량은 배양 1주에 5.74×10^(-5) mg/cell 이었던 것이 배양 3주에는 9.57×10^(-5) mg/cell로써 약 1.67배 증가 하였으나 배양 3주부터 7주까지는 점차 감소하였다. 이상의 결과로, 정상성인 피부로부터 분리된 멜라닌세포는 배양 3주까지 배양일수가 연장될수록 cyclic AMP 농도, 단백질 생합성량 및 단백질에 대한 cyclic AMP비율이 증가하고 이후 감소함을 알 수 있었다.;The study was performed to get the basic knowledge about the changes of the cyclic AMP concentration and protein contents in cultured human melanocyte during 7 weeks of cultivation. The results are as follows : 1. The concentrations of cyclic AMP were linearly increased from the 1st week to the 3rd week to be 8.10×10^(-5) pmoles/cell and 0.85 pmoles/mg of protein, which were found to be 2.88-fold and 1.73-fold larger than the those of the 1st week's cultivation. The concentrations of cyclic AMP gradually decreased from the 3rd week to the 7th week of the cultured-lifespan. 2. The biosynthetic amount of protein was found to be 5.74×10^(-5) mg/cell on the 1st week and 9.57×10^(-5) mg/cell on the 3rd week of cultivation. Values were gradually declined from the 3rd week to the 7th week of cultivation. In the present investigation, it is clear that the amount of protein content and the concentration of cyclic AMP in the cultured human melanocytes derived from the epidermis of human skin were vividly increased up to the 3rd week of cultivation. Thus, it might be suspected that the suitable time for the successful transplantation of cultured human melanocytes is around the 3rd week of cultivation.
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