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Communicative Ability 증진을 위한 학습지도 개선방안

Communicative Ability 증진을 위한 학습지도 개선방안
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Study on How To Increase Communicative Ability : For the Beginners
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교육대학원 어학교육전공영어교육분야
Communicative Ability학습지도영어지도영어교육
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
Margaret Moore
Up to the present time, the goal of studying English especially in secondary school seems to have been focussed on the entrance examination to higher schools, and various training and teaching programs have emphasized such sorts of skills as reading and writing. But when we take it into consideration that the communicative competence should have preference over all the other abilities not only in English but in the other languages, developing better methods in teaching listening and speaking of English must be prior to anything. In these thesis, by analysizing the phenomena going on in teaching of English in secondary school in Korea, I came to set up the following assumptions: 1. Recognition: The pupils should be led to understand the new language material. 2. Repetition: They should be led to repeat the material after you it as often as is necessary to acquire reasonable fluency in it. 3. In addition, communicative ability of students will be developed and considerably increased. To have learning of English, planned such, realized, the following six steps are required. 4. Role-play: They should be led to practice the material in as many ways as possible. 5. Selection: They should be led to choose the correct word, expression, or structure from several contrasting items in English. 6. Practice: They should be helped to choose their responces freely and to use the new material in any communication situation where they can express ideas without worrying about inflaction, word order, stress, or any other feature of the language system. For 'recognition' and 'repetition', I have used audio-visual aids and songs ; and for 'variation' and 'selection', means such as role-play and drama were adopted. In role-play, when a certain situation was given, students were expected to do adquate 'meaningful question and answer' to make communication drill effective and they finally reached the first step to try to speak out what they want to. Such teaching method was put to the 'model class and the result estimated through various types of tests and question aires proved the assumption. Summary of the result through tests and questionairs is as follows: 1. The interest in English of the model class was heightened a lot greater than that of the other groups. 2. The students of the model class came to understand the importance of English class for 'listening and speaking competence'. 3. Their achievement goal was found to be remarkably higher than the others. 4. Variety of class form avoiding cramming proved to be far more effective. 5. Confidence towards English was built up. 6. The number of students being able to communicate in English became increased. 7. A strong desire to be exposed to many more audio visual aids and materials was apparently shown.;영어를 배우는데 있어서 이제까지는 읽기와 쓰기를 위주로 한 입시위주형 공부를 해왔으나 외국어 교육의 목표가 의사전달임 감안할 때 듣기, 말하기가 선행되어야 한다. 본 논문에서는 이러한 문제를 분석, 다음과 같은 가설을 세웠다. 본 논문에 의한 지도방법으로 지도하였을 때, 첫째, 학생들의 영어 학습에 대한 흥미가 높아져 능동적으로 학습에 참여할 것이다. 둘째, 듣기, 말하기가 보다 향상될 것이다. 세째, 나아가서 communicative ability가 신장될 것이다. 언어를 배워 의사소통의 단계까지 가는 과정은 다음의 6가지 단계를 거치게 된다. 첫째, 학생들은 새로운 영어자료를 이해해야 한다. 둘째, 학생들은 완전히 숙달될 때까지 반복 학습해야 한다. 세째, 새 언어자료의 중요점을 요약, 일반화시켜 학습해야 한다. 넷째, 학생들은 가능한 많은 연습을 해야한다. 다섯째, 모국어의 차이점으로부터 바른 단어, 표현, 구조등을 선택할 수 있어야 한다. 여섯째, 그들은 자유롭게 반응을 선택하도록, 그리고 어떤 대화상황에서도 새로운 언어를 사용하도록 도움을 받아야 한다. Recognition, repetition의 단계에서는 듣기 , audio - visual aids의 사용, 영어노래 등을 이용하여서 학생들을 지도하였다. Role - play에서 상황을 제시하였을 때 학생들은 거기에 맞게 잘 생각하여 질문과 답을 하므로써 의사전달의 훈련및 대화가 가능하였다. 이러한 방법으로 실험반을 지도하였으며 그 결과를 질문지법과 평가로 위의 가설을 입증하였다. 질문지를 통한 의견의 결과를 요약해 보면, 첫째, 실험반 학생들이 영어에 대하여 훨씬 흥미를 가지며, 둘째, 영어로 듣기, 말하기 위주의 수업을 원하고 있고 세째, 성취의욕이 비교반 학생들보다 높고, 네째, 설명만으로 하는 것보다 그림, 노래를 통한 수업이 더욱 효과적이며 다섯째, 실험반 학생들은 영어에 대한 자신감이 생겼다. 여섯째. 몇몇 학생은 영어로 의사소통 할 수 있는 한계에 이루었고 일곱째, 더 많은 영어로 된 자료에 접하기를 원하는 것으로 나타났다.
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