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韓國 服飾디자인 大學敎育의 實證的 硏究

韓國 服飾디자인 大學敎育의 實證的 硏究
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A Positive Studies about the Education of Korean Fashion Design
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대학원 장식미술학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
This thesis is written to understand the actual condition of the education of Korean fashion design and through the comparision between Korean and American fashion design education, try to find an improvement and direction. At the beginning of the education of Korean fashion design, its main purpose was the education for the whole man who had the acqurement of knowledge about clothing. For the development of society and the change of social demand, it has been developed to the training of fashion specialist. But until now, there is many problems in training of the substantial fashion specialist. As considering these aspects, through the analysis of curriculum in the concerned department in Korean foshion design, I try to find an improvement and direction to a problem. Compared with the contents of curriculum in American fashion design department, it is revealed that those of Korean are insufficient in practical techniques of design and knowledges at the fashion industries. As summarized below, several improvement is drawn as a result of this thesis; 1) reinforcement in practical techniques of design. 2) seeking for a way of an educational-industrial partnership. 3) inclusive composition in Curriculum. 4) establishment of reliable educational goal. 5) characteristic composition of curriculum which is based on school and regional groups.;本 論文은 現在 우리나라 大學服飾디자인 敎育의 實態를 把握하고 美國 服飾디자인 敎育實態와의 比較를 通해 개선점과 指向해 나아가야 할 方向에 대해 摸索한 것이다. 초기의 우리나라 服飾디자인 敎育은 衣類에 대한 知識習得을 爲主로 하는 全人敎育이었으나, 社會의 發達과 要求의 變化로 服飾專門人養戚으로 까지 發展되었다. 그러나 實質的인 服飾專門人을 養成하기에는 아직까지도 미흡한 점이 많다. 이러한 점을 고려하여 國內 服飾디자인 關聯學科의 敎科內容을 分析하고, 美國敎科內容과의 比較를 통해 그 문제점을 把握하고 개선점을 模索하였다. 그 結果, 國內의 敎科內容은 디자인實技 및 産業에 대한 知識과 經驗이 不足한 事實을 알 수 있었다. 本 論文에서는 이에 대한 개선점으로 1) 디자인 實技科目 强化 2) 産學協同에 對한 方法 摸索 3) 包括的인 敎科構成 4) 確實한 敎育目標 設定 5) 地域別 學校別 特性 있는 敎科構成 등을 提言하였다.
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