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프로축구 구단의 VI(Visual Identity)평가가 구매의도에 미치는 영향

프로축구 구단의 VI(Visual Identity)평가가 구매의도에 미치는 영향
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대학원 사회체육학과
이화여자대학교 대학원 사회체육학과
This paper is about how the intention of purchase changes according to VI evaluation. The object of study is VIs of professional soccer teams including emblem, character, etc. I m going to find the strongest VI factor on the intention of purchase among familiarity, originality, meaning, diversity, and preference. The VI resources of this paper are from 10 different domestic and foreign professional soccer teams and the results are from a questionnaire. 10 emblems of 4 domestic teams, each 3 japanese and english teams, and 10 characters of each 5 domestic and japanese teams are used for the questionnaire. In this research, the population is people in their 10 to 40s living in seoul and kyungi province. Sample space is made by cluster sampling with stratification. The questionnaire of the paper consists of i) evaluation of emblems, ii) characters(familiarity, originality, meaning, diversity, and preference), iii) the intension of purchase, iv) preference for professional soccer teams, v) influence of purchasing VI products, vi) image and association of VIs, and vii) general characters of samples. To find The difference of Image and purchase of VI according to soccer preference , the analysis of contingency table is used and correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis are used for Analysis of the effects of VI factors on the intension of purchase . Through these resources and analysis, I ve reached on following results. First, the purchase of VI products and images are affected by soccer preference. Second, the intension of purchase is affected by the emblem evaluation (familiarity, originality, meaning, diversity, and preference). Third, the intension of purchase is affected by the character evaluation (familiarity, originality, meaning, diversity, and preference).
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