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F.Holderlin 文學世界와 그의 作品分析

F.Holderlin 文學世界와 그의 作品分析
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대학원 독어독문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Holderlin은 時代的으로는 Romantik와 같은 時代에 屬하고 있지만 그는 결코 Romantiker는 아니었다. 그의 傑作들이 Romantik 時代에 誕生 했으나 이 作品들 속에는 浪漫主義的인 哲學의 世界가 여하한 公式에도 넣을 수 없다. 獨逸 作家들 가운데서 Holderlin 만큼 時代에 苦痛을 받았으며 또 그이 만큼 孤獨하였던 詩人도 드물 것이다. 어둠의 時代, 同時에 神이 멀어진 時代에 자리를 함께 한 詩人 H?lderlin은 깊은 意味에서 그의 歸依가 準備된 敬虔한 本性으로 古代 희랍을 憧憬하였다. 희랍은 그에게 있어서는 完全한 現在로, 自然으로, 精神的인 故鄕으로 되어 버렸다. 그 當時 獨逸은 희랍 精神의 復興, 哲學的인 藝術運動과 불란서 革命과 같은 社會 改革의 힘이 精神世界를 支配하고 있었으니, 그 때를 出發과 改革의 時代로 느낀 그는 詩人으로서의 큰 希望을 품고서 어둠 속에서 졸고 있는 者들을 覺醒시킬 것과 새로운 Gottertag의 到來를 豫告하며, 詩人으로서의 使命을 안고 世界를 直視하였다. 이렇게 古代 희랍을 憧憬하며 詩人으로서의 使命을 깨달았던 Holderlin은 祖國에로의 回歸를 宿命的으로 받아 들이며, 또한 희랍人 自身들이 이룩하지 못한 희랍 精神의 開花를 獨逸로 誘導하려고 한다. 따라서 그의 祖國讚歌는 政治的, 地理的 空間과 狀況에 位置한 祖國의 禮讚이라기 보다는 藝術的 特性 안에서 本源을 다시 찾아 이를 讚歌 안에 實現시키려고 하고 있다. 以上과 같이 本 論文은 祖國讚歌에 이르게 되었던 思想的 背景을 살펴 보고자 하며 아울러 祖國讚歌를 실제로 分析 함으로써 讚歌의 本性을 밝히고자 한다.;Holderlin was not Romantiker at all even though H?lderlin might be belong to the equal time to Romantik. Although his great works might be made in Romantik time, the Romanticism philosophic world in his masterworks can not be included in any formula. There are a few in German writers who have been solitary and painful in the age more than H?lder1in. Poet, H?lder1in who has been in the dark of times as well as the time of fur-ther from God had admired the ancient Greece with his devout originality which was prepared to be conversion in the deep meaning. Greece has become his native place of spirite, nature and perfect present to him. The social revolution powers such as Greek moral restora-tion, philosophic literature renaissance and France revolution controlled and dominated the spiritual world of German at the time. He strongly felt the time as initiating and revolution and faced up to the reality of the world with the mission of poet by awakening the dozing people in the darkness and by preliminary announcing the introduction of new Day of Gods with his great hope. H?lderlin who has been admiring the ancient Greece and realizing the mission as a poet had attempted to induce the Greek moral efflorescene to German, which Greek people hasn't accomplished, with fatal acceptance of his return to his father-land. Accordingly, his song in praise of fatherland is rather intended to come true the restoration of specific origin in arts into the song of praise than glorification of the country which was located between the state and space of politics and geography. As mentioned above, this thesis is to attempt to view of background of thought to become of the song of praise of father-land and at the same time and to clarify the origin of the song of praise of fatherland by analysis of the song of praise of the fatherland itself.
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