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書寫材料로서의 韓國紙의 發展에 관한 硏究

書寫材料로서의 韓國紙의 發展에 관한 硏究
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A Bibliographical Study on the Development of the Korean Paper
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대학원 도서관학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The thesis attempts from a bibliographical point of view to study the development of the Korean traditional paper in the period from the introduction of the hand-made paper from China to that of the Western paper. In the Introductory Chapter as a basic study on the Korean paper, the bibliographical meaning of paper, the writing materials used before the invention of paper and the process of invention and transmission of paper are described. Chapter Ⅰ involves some comments on a few bibliographers' opinions on the time of the introduction of the hand-made paper to Korea and a consideration of the paper of Samkuk Period in connection with its publications. Chapter Ⅱ examines the development of the paper industry in Koryo Dynasty in connection with its publishing culture and describes the kinds and characteristics of paper in the same period. Chapter Ⅲ, having outlined the relation between the development of paper and the publishing culture in Rhee Dynasty, considers the kinds and peculiarities of paper and the paper-making policy at that time. And the last section of Chapter Ⅲ is devoted to the description of the declining process of the Korean traditional paper and the introduction process of the Western paper. In short, the Korean paper, infered to have been made first in Samkuk Period, improved greatly in its quality in Koryo Kynasty and was diversified in kinds, preserving its high quality in the earlier days of Rhee Dynasty. Since 1500s, however, the Korean paper had declined in its quality owing to changes of inner and external conditions. The Concluding Chapter is prepared in order to present the remained problems to be solved by more intensive study of the Korean paper.
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