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dc.description.abstractIt is deemed that multimedia system which is one of the result of technology innovation to continue in the field of computer engineering will be able to have very great influence on the study of learners by offering more vivid scenes that the actuality sense overflows through the integration and suggestion of diverse media such as graphic, animation, sound and screen etc. which were limitative in the former computer. The courseware to use this authoring tool of multimedia may reinforce the study and offer and correct the information about something wrong by making the learners participate in study actively and offering the immediate feedback. In addition, courseware has the evaluation function inside itself. And, in case that the teachers who have quality are insufficient, it has the merit to be able to cope with it. But, it has the demerit which may cause the inhumanity tenoency, as the development expense of courseware is expensive and it is the education for computer. This researcher designed and realized the parts of Korean music and Western music history out of the contents of music textbook at middle school into the courseware of individual study, by using the artware which is the authoring tool of multimedia developed by inland technology. It is deemed that the artware which is the authoring tool of multimedia is the authoring tool which is necessary for the teachers who don't have the knowledge about courseware manufacture such as introduction of Guz, authoring design of flowchart method related to the scenario inside program, and compilation function of simple graphic etc. As for the development environment, this researcher used IBM-compatible-80486DX2, RAM 8M hard Disk 420MBytes, Speaker, CD-ROM Drive, Mouse, VTR, Artware of Goldstar Co., Sound Blaster Pro, Video Blaster, Korean alphabet windows (versin 3.1), the rest authoring tool of graphic. The music education CAI which this researcher realized in this study will offer many things to see by suggesting narration, gorgeous graphic and text simultaneously. In addition, it makes the users not feel tedious with beautiful music to flow out continuously. And, as the story progresses to the moving screen, it will heighten the effect of education all the more-
dc.description.tableofcontents논문개요 = vi I. 서론 = 1 A. 연구의 배경 및 목적 = 1 B. 연구내용 = 3 II. 이론적 배경 = 5 A. 멀티미디어 시스템과 저작도구 = 5 B. CAI의 개념 및 교육적 특성 = 13 C. 교수형태 및 코스웨어 특성 = 15 D. 음악교육의 CAI의 적용 실제 = 18 III. 음악교육의 개별학습 코스웨어 설계 = 20 A. 개요 = 20 B. 수업설계 = 21 C. 시스템플로우 설계 = 27 IV. 멀티미디어 저작도구 이용한 음악교육 코스웨어의 구현 = 35 A. 개발환경 = 35 B. 개발도구(아트웨어) = 36 C. 데이타 플로우 = 38 D. 프로그램 플로우 및 구현내용 = 41 V. 결론 = 50 참고문헌 = 51 영문초록 = 53-
dc.format.extent2205216 bytes-
dc.publisher이화여자대학교 교육대학원-
dc.title멀티미디어 저작도구를 이용한 개별학습 코스웨어 설계 및 구현 : 중학교1학년 음악교과서 증심으로-
dc.typeMaster's Thesis-
dc.format.pagevi, 54 p.-
dc.identifier.major교육대학원 전자계산교육전공- 8-
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