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職業指導가 職業選擇에 미치는 影響

職業指導가 職業選擇에 미치는 影響
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교육대학원 교육학전공교육심리분야
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
The main purpose of present study is to ascertain that vocational guidance in school situation may influence on vocational choice, Many studies have been attempted to solve these problems. Appropriataness of the choice as a criterion of vocational guidance has been used in a number of studies(e.g., Hewer, 1959; Gonyea, 1962; Huston, 1943; Stone, 1948). Realism of choice has been also used(e.g., Hewer, 1966). Results have been generally favorable to voactional guidance. But many of these studies have suffered from various methodological limitation Especially, there has not been any control group which could bo compared with the results of experimental group(e.g., Huston, 1943.; Gonyea, 1962;Hewer, 1966). Rating standards were also arbitrary in evaluating the effectiveness of vocational guidance(e.g., Apostal, I960; Gonyea, 1962). Present study attempted to rem□dy theses weakness and to ascertain some aspects of effects of vocational guidance, Hypothesis to be tested in this study are as follows. 1. Those who are given vocational guidance will show more changes in post-vocational choice than those not. the changes will be in the direction of larger areas & finer differentiation in the vocational choice. 2. In post-vocational choice, those who receive vocational guidance will show the tendency to choose more appropriate vocation than those not. The sample consisted of 132 senior high school boys whose ages ranged from 16 to 18 years old. Subjects were divided into two groups, i.e., experimental group that received vocational guidance which consisted of group guidance and vocational counseling, and control group that did not. Both groups were. required to choose pre-vocationa1 choice at the beginning of the experiment. At the same time, Aptitude Test and Vocational Interst Test ware administered to evaluate appropriateness of vocational guidance outcome and to use test results as reference in vocational counseling. For the experimental group, ten group guidance sessions of fifty minites' duration were conducted by the experimenter using occupational information in accordance with vocational counseling, At the end of the experiment, post-vocational choice were required in both groups. The major results of this study are as followings. 1. Experimental group has shown more changes in post-vocational choice than control group(at P<0.001 significant level). And the changing modes revealed larger areas and finer differentiation in vocational choice(at P<0.01 significant level). 2. In post-vocational. choice, experimental group has shown a tendency to choose more appropriate vocation than control group(at P<0.001 significant level). On tho basis of these findings, It seems certain that vocational guidance in school situation helps sujects choose more appropriate vocational choice. But our attempt to find out causes of vocational changes did not show any significant difference between experimental group and control group. In view of the other studies, changes may be due to 1) modification of self-concept through vocational guidance(Super, 1957) or, 2) rectification of unsystematic influence of parents or other relatives(Roe, 1956), or 3) broad occupational knowledge through occupational information, In case of present study, duration was very short to test above mentioned possibilities. Futher extensive studies were needed to ascertain all of these inferences,
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