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원시회화의 추상성과 현대추상화의 비교연구

원시회화의 추상성과 현대추상화의 비교연구
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대학원 순수미술과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Does primitive fine arts and mofern fine arts have any mutiual relation as frequently referred to previously? Especially, when we think it from the point of view of abstract, can any relation or commommess be found between abstract or primitive paintng and modern abstract painting? Most of people says it is nonsense to try to find any commonness between the both parties or to compare with them. On the other hand, there were not few people who aspire and try to express it on purpose. Consequently, the contradictions occured between these two opinions throw us unto confusion. As it will relation can be found from the point of aesthetic view in spite of difference in history of civilization, it is the purpose of writing this thesus in sense of such problem. Interpretation of true nature of the premitive fine arts, are various. When you try to find out from magic as many scholars insist on, it is interpreted as orugin of play, good sense of it, act of symbol or as a means of realization of the world. Above of all, the theory of Wilhelm Worringer(1908), a German scholar of fine aets history-atteacted the author's interest-especeally, when it is cinsidered from the point of view of the abstract problem, which is the subject of this thesis. The book""Abstraktienond Einfuhlang""written by him(1904) described abovious special feature of both living fine arts of naturalism and geometric non-living fine arts;particularly space, caused by different relation between outer space and human. And such different sense and uncincurrence are experienced in the modern situation of the 20th centry though the situation became much different and it can also be considered that such experience of world-wide view applies to the premose which may cause abstract impulse. Accordingly, we compare the primitive abstract painting with modern abstract paining pytting them on the same level once but the question shall be concentrated on dissclosing its relationship. In irder to inquire into the quewtion closely, it is intended to compare and analyze the following two points optionally selected several representative examples of works after making the original pictorial features obvious putting both the primitive and modern fine arts in the first pleace
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