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廣告의 情報傳達機能과 廣告메시지 理解度 調査

廣告의 情報傳達機能과 廣告메시지 理解度 調査
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(A) study on informative function of advertising with an analytical evaluation concerning advertising message
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대학원 신문방송학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
This study is an attempt to present an overview of the informative function of advertising with an emphasis on ad messages and to provide empirical data for understanding the problems caused by difficult advertising terms. Advertising is a persuasive communication which is performed to sell products or service to the customer. In other words, advertising is a kind of informing activity providing the customer with information. Its aim is to persuade the customer to form a purchasing motivation. Roles and functions of advertising in modern society can be described in many ways. The primary function of advertising is to deliver a message that ultimately leads to action. Advertising is communication between the producer and the consumer. Advertising does much good to society, including the advertiser and the customer, only when the informative function of advertising is well performed. To carry out the informative function of advertising it is imperative for the advertiser to deliver a precise message to the receiver which consequently leads to action. In order to understand the present state of ad terms prevalent. in Korea, a survey on the comprehensibility of advertising messages to groups of women was undertaken. The result of the survey showed that the degree of comprehension of the ad messages was considerably low regardless of age difference and educational background. The main reason for employing difficult ad messages by the advertiser was interpreted as the fact that uncomprehensive ad messages may often manipulate customer by evoking a mysterious image and arousing customers curiosity about the goods advertised. Accordingly, the problems caused by difficult ad terms should necessarily be included in the consumerism, and, moreover, ad messages should be qualified to meet the informative function of advertising. Modern advertising should be understood as a social communication rather than simply a commercial activity. This thesis is composed of six parts. The introduction presents the motivation for adopting the topic and states the purpose, the scope, and the method used in developing this paper. Chapter Ⅱ observes the historical evolution and growth of advertising. Chapter Ⅲ deals with various social roles of modern advertising and intends to clarify the primary function of modern advertising. Chapter Ⅳ introduces concepts and basic models of communication, which are helpful in understanding the significance of an informat.ive function of modern advertising. Here, qualifications for the advertising message are also presented. Chapter Ⅴ states the purpose, methods, hypotheses, research problems and result of an empirical survey designed to find out the comprehensibility of ad messages prevalent in Korea. Chapter Ⅵ interprets the result of the survey, discussing reasons for employing the difficult ad terms and its social impacts. Chapter Ⅶ concludes the thesis by summarizing the study and suggesting some guidelines for controlling the problems related to advertising messages.;本 論文은 廣告의 本質的 機能인 情報傳達機能 遂行을 위한 廣告情報의 重要性을 認識하고, 우리나라의 難解한 廣告메시지 現況을 把握하여 그 問題點과 原因을 分析함으로써 앞으로의 改善方向을 提示하는데 目的이 있다. 이러한 目的을 위하여 廣告의 時代的 變遷과 諸機能을 敍述하였으며 廣告를 커뮤니케이션過程으로 把握함으로써 情報傳達機能의 重要性의 論하고 廣告메시지의 構成要件을 提示하였다. 서울 居住 主婦 400名을 對象으로 質問紙 調査를 하여 現行 廣告메시지에 對한 理解度를 測定한 結果, 廣告메시지에 對한 理解度가 媒體別, 應答者의 年齡別, 學歷別 區分없이 매우 낮다는 것이 검증되었다. 難解한 廣告메시지가 使用되는 原因은 여러가지로 分析될 수 있으나 主된 原因은 廣告主가 商品에 대한 神秘感이나 好寄心을 자극시켜 購買를 誘發시키려는 意圖的 使用으로 생각된다. 難解한 廣告메시지는 廣告의 情報傳達機能 遂行을 沮害할 뿐만 아니라 消費者를 誤導하고 消費者 敎育이라는 責任을 度外示하여 消費者의 權益을 害하는 것이 된다. 따라서 難解한 廣告메시지에 對한 問題는 消費者保護運動의 一環으로 包含되어야 하며 企業은 커뮤니케이션理論과 廣告메시지 構成要件에 맞는 廣告를 製作하여야 한다. 또한 消費者가 理解하지 못하는 廣告를 豫防할 수 있도록 廣告用語 理解를 위한 調査制度가 實施되어야 하겠다. 本 論文의 構成은 Ⅰ章 序論에서 主題를 選擇하게 된 배경 및 硏究의 目的을 敍述하였고, Ⅱ章에서 廣告의 時代的 發達과 그 機能의 變遷에 대해 考察하였으며, Ⅲ章에서 오늘날 廣告가 遂行하는 諸機能을 광범위하게 網羅하여 現代 廣告의 本質을 明確하게 把握하려고 했다. Ⅳ章에서는 廣告를 커뮤니케이션過程의 側面에서 接近하여 本質的 機能을 理解함과 同時에 廣告의 本質的 機能으로서의 情報傳達의 重要性 및 社會的 效用, 그리고 이의 前提條件이라 할 수 있는 廣告情報의 構成要件을 提示하려고 試圖했다. Ⅴ章에서는 廣告메시지 理解度 調査로 調査硏究의 目的, 硏究問題假說, 調査方法 및 結果分析 等을 敍述하였다. Ⅵ章에서는 調査結果에 대한 論議로서 難解한 廣告메시지가 使用되는 原因, 社會的으로 미치는 영향 等을 論하였고, Ⅶ章에서는 本 硏究에 대한 要約 및 結論과 더불어 他硏究를 위한 提言을 敍述하였다.
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