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韓國 巫服에 나타난 傳統性

韓國 巫服에 나타난 傳統性
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교육대학원 가정과교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
本考는 巫俗의 儀禮인 굿에서 神의 性格을 나타내고 춤과 雰圍氣 形成에 重要한 役割을 하고 있는 巫服을 硏究하였다. 그 硏究方法으로, 最大의 굿거리에 따른 가장 華麗하고 多樣한 朝鮮時代의 官服·軍服·僧服等 모든 巫服의 最大値가 될 만한 黃海道 萬口 大擇굿의 復飾을 硏究對象으로 選定하고 여기에 使用된 巫服을 調査 分析함으로써 傳統服과의 關聯性을 밝히고자 하였다. 萬口 大擇굿은 黃海道에서 越南하여 唯一한 技能保有者가 된 禹玉珠氏를 中心으로 硏究하였으며, 그 굿은 1주일씩 걸려하는 24거리의 大規模 굿으로 巫堂自身과 단골손님의 幸運을 비는 祈福굿이다. 여기에 使用된 巫服은 傳統服에 根據를 두고 있어 宮中의 品格높은 옷인 袞龍袍, 華衣, 文·武官服 等이 利用되고 있는데, 이러한 傳統服이 巫俗에 浸透되어 끼친 영향은 巫人들이 請하는 神들의 品位와 威嚴과 權威를 나타내기 위함이라 할 수 있다. 또한 傳統服과의 關聯性은 全體的 모습은 類似하나 細部的으로는 實際와 너무 동떨어져 있고, 옷의 製作 및 使用法에 있어서도 傳統復飾과는 많은 差異點을 드러내고 있다. 따라서 巫服은 呪術的이고 演劇的이고 特別한 雰圍氣를 爲한 것으로써 적당한 模倣과 改造가 겸하여 이루어진 服飾이라 하겠다.;This paper has studied on the costume of Shaman which displays the characteristics of God (spirit) and plays an important role in forming dance and atmosphere in the process of Exorcism, the ritual of Shaman. As the means of study, the subject of this study was selected from the costume of "Hwanghaedo Mankoo Daetaek Exorcism" considered as the greatest common measure of the most splendid and diverse official, military and monk costumes of YI Dynasty in order to find out any relations with typical costumes. Emphasis of study has been given on the person named WOO, OK JOO who has become a sole holder of the talent of "Mankoo Daetaek Exorcism" after coming down to the Republic of Korea from Hwanghaedo Province. As for this Exorcism, it is a large-scale Exorcism (usually lasting a week), being regarded as a blessing Exorcism praying not only for the luck of clients but also for the luck of shaman themselves. As for the costume of this type of Exorcism, such elegant costumes of Royal Court as "Gonyongpo", "Hwaui" and ancient uniform of both civilian and military officials are being used. The reason seems to be in the fact that shaman wish to display the elegance, dignity and prestige of God (spirit). As for the relations to typical costumes, the features are, in general, similar, but th.ey show too much difference as they are too far away from each other in actual way when it comes to the details. In addition, there are too much contradiction comparing with typical costumes in the light of making and using them. Therefore, the costume of shaman is sorcery, dramatic and for the formation of particular atmosphere; the costume made up with proper immitation and remodeling.
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